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A Special Thanks


EXTENDING THE REACH - It seems like only yesterday that we were putting the finishing touches on the 2017 inaugural edition of “Extending the Reach.” Now here we are in mid-August 2018 doing the same for the second annual feature.




    The response from last year’s rollout was beyond our expectations and it was an easy decision to publish the feature again.
    Our goals are the same and that is to help Small, Minority, Woman and Veteran-owned (SMWVO) companies with valuable information they can use to help them achieve success in starting or growing their businesses.
    Running a business today is a daunting task and it takes a special type of person to risk everything to be his or her own boss. Decisions they make can lead to great success or great failure.
    The construction industry today has become even more challenging than last year.  The expanding economy makes things move at a faster, more dynamic pace and the severe shortage of skilled labor is even worse than last year.
    These challenges will never stop a true entrepreneur. Actually in most cases it even makes them try that much harder to prove the point they can do it. The big plus of course for these folks is where we live. We are in South Texas in the USA where opportunity is everywhere.
    Providing good information or telling you where to find it is the aim of Extending the Reach.  As with any business, there are many complex issues an owner must juggle. We hope those reading these pages will come away with better knowledge and direction to help them achieve their goals.
    We are very grateful to all the accomplished people who spent so much time writing these very informative articles. They were written by people with great experience in their fields that wanted to help those on their way up. Most of them started in the same way and they know that sharing some of that hard-earned knowledge will be helpful to someone working hard to reach their goals. 
     Also, a heartfelt thanks to all our sponsors and advertisers who made this project a reality.
    The construction industry needs new qualified companies in all fields. In the last 10 years, the San Antonio metropolitan area has exploded with growth, and so with growth comes even more ways to become a company owner.
    Hard work, good knowledge and the business building spirit will bring our new entrepreneurs to the forefront of the industry.   
    We hope to publish this feature yearly to help the next generation of SMWVOs by “Extending The Reach” again.
Buddy Doebbler, Publisher


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