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Overcoming Obstacles - Cal-Tex Interiors

image Yolanda Flores, Vice President, Cal-Tex Interiors

EXTENDING THE REACH - Flores recommends and encourages others who want to start their own small, minority, women or veteran-owned companies to visit the city’s Small Business Economic Development Advocacy Program (SBEDA) office. They are very helpful with telling you about bid opportunities on projects that have diversification goals and if your company meets the minimum requirements.



   They are great about helping and telling you what projects are allocated and what the minimum requirements are. “They help you fill out forms and get your package together.
   When you get more certifications, it gives more validity to your company that someone has vetted you, especially in the construction industry. You want your company to be vetted based on it’s qualifications and capabilities.”

   Jaime Flores has been in the construction industry doing interior finish-out work for over 30 years. He learned the trade working by his father’s side. In May 1998, he and his father started Cal-Tex Interiors, specializing in interior finish-out, metal framing, drywall, finishes, acoustical ceilings, tape, float and paint. Cal-Tex also does exterior metal framing.
    About 10 years ago, Yolanda Flores, vice president of Cal-Tex, applied for the company’s first certification. They are certified through the South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency (SCTRCA). “We have our small business (SBE) and our minority business (MBE) through SCTRCA,” says Flores.
    “As a small, minority-owned business, we did not always have all the resources to compete with the bigger companies. In addition, it’s hard to retain our qualified tradesmen because a lot of employees who are qualified,want to work for the bigger companies.”
    Going through the process to obtain company certifications was not a difficult process for Flores and Cal-Tex Interiors. “I utilized all the resources available to me. I went down to the SCTRCA office, made an appointment with someone who guided me through the process. They told me what I needed and what I should expect. For me, doing it that way was not a hard process at all. They were there to help and guide, and they did.”
    But still, the company sought additional avenues to help their company grow. As a result of their acquired certifications, Cal-Tex was paired up with Zachry Construction through the City of San Antonio’s Mentor Protégé Program for the construction of the Henry B. Gonzalez downtown project. The two-year mentorship with Zachry proved to be a great experience for Cal-Tex. “It was most beneficial to our company not only because of the relationship we built with Zachry, but because of the knowledge we attained. I’m not sure what the mentor protégé programs are like, but going through the City’s program was a wealth of knowledge. Every month the City of San Antonio facilitates a monthly meeting between the mentor and the protégé, which is basically a training session on a different topic to help you grow your business.”
    One of the biggest benefits from receiving their SBE and MBE certification has been is they are now in the City’s database. When a general contractor needs to meet specified criteria for a project, they are notified. “We get alerted on a lot of projects going out for bid – projects in which general contractors utilize ex-number of SBE, MBE, WBE or VBE contractors to secure the contract.”
    Going to the boot camp was very, very helpful. Boot Camp is several classes over a couple of months. Each class is a different topic such as preparing proposals, bonding, financials, human resources, reviewing contracts - basically things that are pertinent to any kind of business. This knowledge is necessary in order to want you want to display out there for people to know about your business. You want to come across as a business owner.

Cal-Tex is DBE, 8(a), HubZone, HUB, ESBE, HABE, MBE & SBE Certified.

They are members of the Hispanic Contractors Association (HCA) and the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC)

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