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Our Thanks to Everyone


EXTENDING THE REACH - When we first envisioned this special feature, “Extending the Reach,” our goals were pretty simple. We wanted to help Small, Minority, Woman and Veteran-owned (SMWVO) companies with valuable information they could use to help them achieve success in starting or growing their business.



    Starting a business today is a daunting task and it takes a special type of person to risk everything to be their own boss and run their own company.  Decisions they make can lead to great success or great failure.
    The construction industry can be non-forgiving in many aspects and having good information or knowing where to find it can make the difference.
    Finding qualified employees, bidding within your qualifications and limitations, sticking to a budget, insurance and bonds and so many other items are what an entrepreneur needs to know to effectively run a business.
    The articles in this publication were written by people with vast experience in their fields.  They too wanted to help those on their way up with sharing some of that knowledge.
    The construction industry needs new qualified entrants in all fields.  The industry is experiencing a serious skilled labor shortage and everything each of us can do to promote quality workmanship strengthens the entire industry.
    Hopefully one day someone will tell us or one of our feature writers that the “Extending the Reach” feature or a particular article made a difference.
    We are very grateful to all the people who spent so much time writing these very informative articles.  Also we want to thank the sponsors and advertisers who made this project a reality.
    We hope to publish this feature yearly to help the next generation of SMWVOs by “Extending The Reach” again. 

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