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Tools of the trade

image L-R: Jeffrey Fonseca, Liz Ortiz, Jaime Torres; back, L-R: Eric Adkins and Greg Grahmann

SOUTH TEXAS – In 1949 when Texas Tool & Hardware opened its doors in Victoria, the country was afresh with ideas and entrepreneurial spirit shortly after the end of World War II, says current president and co-owner Keith Redburn.

    “The things we take for granted today, such as cell phones, Internet, satellite TV, Facebook, and even microwave ovens, were nothing more than futuristic science fiction,” he says.
    Even without all the modern fixings, Redburn says the positive spirit of selection, service and value was started with founder Herndon Scott and continues today, 67 years later, with Keith and his father, Glenn Redburn.
    According to Keith, Glenn began working for Herndon in 1951. In 1978, Keith became involved in the company and in 1993, Keith and Glenn bought the company from the estate of the Scott family.
    “Our company motto is Selection, Service and Value,” Keith explains. “That means we have a wide selection of products, we offer good service and those two things combined offer value to our customers.”
    During the company’s history, Keith says thousands of projects in South Texas, encompassing offices, schools, hospitals, churches and more, have been finished using Texas Tool & Hardware as a supplier.
    The company provides hardware, doors, partitions, flagpoles and a smorgasbord of other products.
    “When I started here it was mostly hardware and a few doors,” Keith says. “Then we got into construction and the fastener industry. The guy who buys the door has to buy a tape measure, level, etc… We fill all of those products that tie together to finish a job.”
    There are eight employees and Glenn still comes in four days a week. Greg Grahmann has worked for the company for 30 years, starting out during high school and is now vice president. –cw

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