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The Powers to get it

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image Tommy Powers, Jr. (left) and co-worker Robert (right), of Powers Electrical Contracting

AUSTIN - Tommy Powers, Owner of Powers Electrical Contracting, has some words of wisdom for all of the rising whippersnappers in the industry: if you want it, you’ve got to go get it.




    It’s what Powers did, from the time he was in middle and high school working evenings and summers for his best friend’s dad. After high school, he worked on motor controls and computer chips for a few other companies before moving back to his hometown of Lago Vista. It wasn’t long before he decided what he wanted, and got it, establishing Powers Electrical Contracting in 2000.
    “I wanted to make that money,” Powers explains. “It was difficult and scary because I didn’t have that guaranteed paycheck every Friday. I had kids and I was the only one that worked.”
    Going after what’s wanted – and get-ting it – comes with a price, which Powers learned transitioning from employee to employer.
    “You’re not your own boss – every-body’s your boss!” he says ruefully. “You don’t just have one guy to report to, you have many. There are some freedoms with it I enjoy, though.”
    For example, Powers had the freedom to keep his shop small by design, and he says he and his three employees enjoy working on “anything electrical: new construction, remodels, commercial, residential, industrial. We enjoy making the customers happy and doing a good job at a fair rate.”
    Today, there are two young whip-persnappers Powers is keeping his eye on as they come up in the industry.
    “My oldest son, Tommy Jr., works for me right now and has for a couple of years,” Powers says. “My youngest, Layne, is still in high school but works with me during the summers.”
    Do Powers’ sons want the company, and will they go and get it?
    “I would like for my sons to take it over if they want to!” Powers says with a chuckle. “It’s all up to them.”
    Subcontractor Powers Electrical Con-tracting is in Lago Vista. –mjm

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