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A passionate interaction

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image Kenneth and Dona Amador, president and vice president of Interactive Plumbing

HOUSTON - He may be the president, but I’m the boss! says Dona Amador, vice president of Interactive Plumbing, declares loud enough for husband Kenneth Amador to hear.






    Kenneth, retorting that Dona is, in fact, “not the boss,” is used to this kind of fiery exchange. The push and pull of their romance and working partnership has carried its own heat since they met.
    In 2001, Dona quit her job as a stressed apartment manager to work for the plumbing company servicing her complex. When plumber Kenneth walked in and saw her, he immediately declared to his colleague, “I want her.”
    Dona, however, was not easily wooed. After Kenneth’s sweet talk attempts failed and his invitations to visit his apartment were rejected, it was sheer boredom that found Dona knocking on Kenneth’s door one day.
    The rest was amore for the Amadors, who married five years later. Kenneth worked 90 hours a week to set his bride up in a country house, but the lovebirds were often apart (which Dona was sure to bring to his attention). The couple also came to know their new community, which needed a plumber like Kenneth. That’s when he resolved to make a change.
    The couple established Interactive Plumbing Sept. 9, 2009. Although they are opposites – “I’m the grunt, and she’s the paper pusher,” Kenneth says – they admit their partnership works. Kenneth enjoys seeing satisfied customers, Dona loves the work’s flexibility. Both enjoy the chance to spend time together.
    “Sometimes it’s a little difficult …” Kenneth admits before Dona interrupts him to loudly push back on his paper-pushing remark. Then, with tenderness creeping into his voice, he says more softly, “I hit the jackpot with her.”
    Subcontractor Interactive Plumbing is located in Houston. –mjm

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