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Broken clays = scholarships

image Joaquin Gomez-Carillo, Scholarship Winner

SAN ANTONIO - The 30th annual Shootin’ for Scholarships kicked off Aug. 10 at the National Shooting Complex. Doug and Cindy Niznik of Niznik Concrete organize the shoot every year to raise money for scholarships.






    Hosts for the event were Johnston Industries, Lynwood Building Materials, Inc., T&D Moravits and Niznik Concrete Contractors.
    Construction companies in various trades sponsor youths ages 18 and younger to participate in the shoot. This year, the shoot raised $60,000 net with 150 participating shooters. Three Alamo College students were presented scholarships in the amount of $5,000 each. Two of the scholarships were made available from last year’s proceeds. The third scholarship was provided Traugott Inc. Painting & Decorating and T&D Moravits. –cmw.

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