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Her island Sundays

image The town square decorated for the holidays

SAN ANTONIO – For Kristi Villanueva, HJD Capital Electric, the opportunity to explore while off the coast of Portugal for a very special project was the chance of a lifetime. “All [construction] work and no play is no way to live,” says Villanueva, noting that while their staff worked 12-hour-plus days, 6 days a week, they played on Sundays.

    “If you ever find yourself in Ponta Delgada, Azores, you will quickly notice the old town feel and friendly atmosphere,” she says. “The streets are still lined with cobblestone, and fences are made from volcanic rock. A great meal will cost you 20 Euros on average and a top-notch beer or bottle of wine is never hard to find for around 5 Euros. All the benefits without the price.” –mh

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