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Spotlight - Mary Lozano Jenkins, The Jenkins Interior Design Group Inc.

image Mary Lozano Jenkins

SAN ANTONIO - Mary Jenkins started her interior design business in the early 80s in Corpus Christi, TX. She is based in San Antonio but also travels around the U.S for all of her clients. Completed projects include many commercial businesses, such as hospitals, restaurants and corporate offices. There is an endless list of residential clients as well. Her two daughters, Jessica and Jennifer, are also designers for the company.


Where did you grow up?
    I grew up in south Texas in Kingsville.

Why did you leave there?
    I started my design business in Corpus Christi, TX in 1981. I lived there for six years. I transferred to San Antonio, TX because I was managing designers for a national design company, TransDesigns. They needed managers in the San Antonio area. I moved here to build my design business and to recruit and train women in design.

Have you always been interested in design?

    Yes, growing up I designed, sewed and cooked. In high school I took many home economic classes. That was where I learned to sew and do color boards.

What did you study in college?
    I attended Texas A&I University. I have a degree in home economics with a minor in microbiology and educational supervision. A Bachelor’s degree in science and Master’s degree in psychology. I am a licensed designer in the state of Texas.

Your degrees give you many career opportunities. What other jobs have you had?
    I started working at a young age. When I was 13 years old, I worked for one of my uncles that owned a shoe repair and boot store. I sold cowboy boots, belts and buckles. It provided me experience in sales and customer service.
    During college I worked for a music department all through my college years about 20 hours a week. I gained a great amount of office skills, especially for writing professional letters. After I graduated college, I taught home economic classes for five years. I then started my own interior design business, The Jenkins Interior Design Group, INC.

Who helped you in the beginning stages of your business?
    I had an assistant who already had design experience. Even though she was my assistant, I did learn a lot from her as well. We learned from each other.

Where do you design?
    I go anywhere in the country. I have clients who pay for my travel expenses, so I can design for them. I still design for my clients who move away. Lately, I have been to Arizona designing in Sedona and Casa Grande, also in Nashville, TN.

Since you travel a lot, what has been your favorite destination?
    It has been a while, but I love going to Europe. I plan to go again. It is on my bucket list.

What are some interior decorating services that you provide?
    We are a full-service company. We do everything from adding a few finishing touches to a “magical make-over” for every type of room. We even do holiday and seasonal make-overs. My interior designing includes flooring, painting, windows, granite, fans, furniture, lighting, upholstery, and much more.

How do you complete your heavy-duty interior services, for example floors and counters?

    Our company takes care of ordering the materials. We have trusted subcontractors that have worked with us since 1998. We know them very well after working with them for all these years. We have residential and commercial contractors for everything that has to do with interior, even electrical and plumbing.
What types of commercial projects have you completed?
    I have designed hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, financial businesses, dental facilities and corporate offices. For example, City Public Service, Santa Rosa Hospital and Church’s Chicken. A 2017 project that I really enjoyed designing was for San Antonio Auto Association. I consulted during construction and furnished the brand new building. We carry over 7,000 different vendors and visit different markets like Las Vegas, High Point, Houston and Dallas.

What types of projects do you particularly enjoy doing?
    To do a complete full-service furnishing/decorating for a business or home, especially when I am given little direction and need to step in with lots of creativity and ideas.

Do you spend your leisure time designing too?
    Of course, I have a craft room in my home. I like to scrapbook, card make, sew, embroider, crochet, knit and all those types of fun activities.

What is it about your job that you love?
    For me it is meeting and establishing relationships with my clients and seeing them happy. I love working with my daughters. I have a special feeling when I see them becoming a success in design. They amaze me and make me very proud!

Can it also become challenging at times?
    I want to please all my clients and schedule them in within a reasonable time frame. I want to fit everyone in as soon as possible. At times it can be a challenge to keep up with demand of projects.
    A past challenge in my life is when my husband of 25 years who worked with me in the business as an accountant and installer had passed in 2007. My assistant Tina was there to help me in the business and as a friend to get me through those difficult times. My two daughters were there to help me with my youngest son. It was a difficult time because I had over 100 clients on the board.

How has your life changed since?
    Years later I met my current husband. I remarried in 2014. He is also a great support for the business.
Who all works for the company?
    My two daughters work with me, Jessica and Jennifer. They have been working full time since 2009. It has been a blessing to guide them and have them with me designing. My assistant in the office is Tina Harper. I love her; she is a great friend and great assistant.

How do you all work together?

    The great thing about our company is that we have three different designers. We all have our own clients and projects going on. At the same time, we assist each other and are able to bounce off ideas with one another. Whenever one of us needs a specific type of furniture, the other usually knows exactly where to get it.
    The Jenkins Interior Design Group Inc. is a residential and commercial design and remodel company in San Antonio, TX. -tnp

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