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Spotlight - Patrick Harris, Concrete Renovation Inc., Live Oak, TX

image Patrick Harris, President, Concrete Renovation Inc., Live Oak, TX

SAN ANTONIO - Everything happens for a reason and his reason lies within his faith. Patrick Harris’s life experiences are reasons for who he is and how he got here.







Where are you from originally?
    I was born in North Platte, NE. I moved to Texas in 1975. I lived in Corpus Christi from ’75 to 1990 before I moved to San Antonio.

What was your childhood like?

    We moved around quite a bit when I was younger. We lived in Nebraska, Illinois, South Dakota and Colorado. The memories are of different places. I lived in Wyoming for seven years; those were my elementary school years.

What did your parents do for a living?

    My mother put herself through college in the evening to get her certified legal assistant degree. She went on to work in the field for 25-plus years.  My dads worked jobs from trim carpentry to ranching.

Did you attend college? Where?
    I went to Del Mar College for less than a year in Corpus Christi and then when we moved to San Antonio, I went to San Antonio College and got an associates degree.

Do you have any siblings?
    Yes, I have three brothers and one sister. My eldest brother is in insurance, my second brother is a certified diesel mechanic/supervisor, and my third brother is a route driver.  My sister owns the only dry cleaning business in Mathis, TX.
Are you married?
    I am married. I’ve been married to Donna for 34 years.

How do you and Donna spend your time away from work?

    We realized that if we were going to work together we were going to have to spend time away from work, so we made a commitment to each other – once a quarter we get out of town and spend time with each other without work or without distractions. The key to our happiness is to de-stress.

Do you have children?
    We have a daughter. Her name is Roxanne. She works with us.

What is Roxanne’s role with the company?
    She grew up in the company; her nursery was actually the copy room. She has been around here for a long time. She does whatever is needed. She does a lot of running around, whether it’s picking up checks or delivering tools. She helps dispatch and getting people out of the yard.

What was your first job within the construction industry?
    My stepfather was a trim carpenter and I worked with him growing up. I knew from a young age, probably age 5, that I wanted to build things. I’ve always been intrigued about building things.

At 5-years-old, what did you find yourself wanting to do?
    I built a chair for myself. We’d be traveling down the road and my brother would say, “I want to have a house like that one day.” I said I’m going to have a house like that and make it look great. I’d be pointing to a big old shack that needed a lot of work. I always knew my calling was to be in construction.

How did the concrete cutting start?

    We had some friends from church; we are a very strong church family. Some friends at church, whose father was a rep, had started a concrete cutting business and they offered to give me a job. That is how I got into concrete cutting. I knew that trim carpentry was pretty hard work and the tools were pretty expensive, so I went from carpentry to concrete cutting (what I thought would be a better fit for me).

Did you have a mentor?
    I’ve had several mentors. My stepfather was more of a friend and mentor. I’ve had some partners that were mentors and some older gentlemen that helped me along and gave me advice.

When was Concrete Renovation established?
    When we moved to San Antonio in ’90, we bought out a company and changed the name a few years later. I started with my younger brother; he was a partner for a while and he decided to move on. In 1996, we became Concrete Renovation.

What are some of the challenges you’ve had to face?

    I like to tell everybody that the definition of stress is – waking up on Friday morning knowing that you have a zero balance in you checking account and knowing that you have to make payroll at the end of the day. And going to those people that owe you money and begging them to pay you what they owe you so that you can make payroll. That is my definition of stress.

What do you tell people who want to go into business for themselves?
    I always tell them that most businesses fail, not because of something that they do, but because of something somebody else does. The biggest thing is that you take on the job and you don’t get paid for it and that drives you into bankruptcy. Be careful about the big jobs. You need to be careful that you can afford to take that job and not get paid for it.

What is it you instill within the company?
    I like to instill good moral values. We don’t lie – we don’t cheat – we don’t steal and we trust – we trust in each other. Those moral values are not only part of the company, but everyday life whether we are working for somebody else, or working within our families, or are just helping out a neighbor.

If you could pick another trade to have a career in what would it be?
    I’ve actually had a second career, even a third career. I spent over 20 years in the Army Reserve as a maintenance tech. I spent a year over seas supporting the United States. I’m a retired veteran. I joined the Army Reserve in 1983 and I retired in 2005. Third career comes from being ranch owners. We spend a lot of time, when I’m not at work, ranching. We have cattle, goats and all kinds of animals. When I get done at work, I go home and feed animals and take care of them on weekends.

Where have you traveled?   
    We’ve been to 34 of the 50 states. We’ve been to Canada, Hawaii, the Bahamas and Mexico.

Do you have any other hobbies or interests?

    I like playing sports, but I hate watching sports. My hobbies are building things out of metal and I have projects around the ranch that I do, rebuilding older equipment.
    Concrete Renovation Inc. is a concrete contractor in Live Oak, TX. –lv

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