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Spotlight - Tommy Mangold, Owner, Turner Roofing Co.

image Tommy Mangold, Owner

SAN ANTONIO - A simple man, living a simple life, Tommy Mangold is a man of many interests. Interestingly enough, this third-generation roofer is not all roofing. Whether it is sitting back and enjoying a glass of wine, swinging a golf club or a hammer, creating something from wood or working on his property, it is safe to say, Tommy Mangold does not stay still for very long.

Where were you born?
    My dad’s family is from Castroville.  I was born in the hospital there in Castroville.  My great aunt was the nurse who delivered me.  Funny side note to that, it was 50 years ago today.

Did you grow up in Castroville?
    No, when I was really young, we lived off Talley Road and Potranco.  When I was in about the second grade, we moved to Boerne and grew up there.

What was it like growing up in Boerne?
    Boerne was a one-light town back then.  It was a lot of fun.  One of the reasons I left is because when I was in school, I could walk into the café and I knew everybody in there.  About 15 years ago, I walked into that same café and I didn’t know anybody.
Where do you live now?
    Boerne got too big.  My wife and I wanted our kids to grow up in a small town where they had opportunities to do everything they wanted to do.  My wife is the elementary school counselor in Blanco, so we made a home there.
What is your education background?
    After I graduated from high school, I went to college for a little bit, but it wasn’t a fit for me so I came to work here with my dad and grandpa.  Working with my dad and my grandpa, they taught me all I needed to know.
How did your dad and grandpa get started in the roofing business?
    My grandpa graduated from St. Mary’s University in 1940 or ’41.  He came to work here for a while and then spent some time in the army.  After the army, he then went to help his dad with an addition onto his grain company.  By the late ‘40s, he came back to work here and purchased Turner Roofing Co. in 1950.
    My dad came to work for my grandpa and eventually bought the company from my grandpa and his siblings.  Following a family tradition, I bought the company from my dad and my siblings.

What is your wife’s name?  How long have you been married?
    My wife’s name is Patricia.  She goes by Trish.  We’ve been married 9 years.

Do y’all have children?
    We have three kids, two boys, 19 and 17, and we have a daughter who is 12 years old.

What are their names?
    Jake is my oldest.  Tyler is my middle son, and Chloe is my girl.

What do you like best about the roofing business?
    The thing I like best is some of the challenges we are presented with in some of these architectural designs.  This industry has changed so much in just the last 10 years, but go back when I started 30 years ago, it’s a whole new world.
    The metal designs and the architectural features that people want on buildings now are very challenging and you have to have a certain craftsman to do this and there are very few of those craftsmen left in the industry today.
    I came up on the sheet metal side working with a lot of different roofers in this town and we all worked together back then.  There are very few of these craftsmen left that can do the kind of work people want to see now. Today’s roofing is not a buy off the shelf and put it on; you have to think about what you are doing and how’s it going to work.
    The other thing I truly love about the roofing business is I’ve made a lot of good friends and met many good people through out the years.

How old is Turner Roofing?
    Turner Roofing Company is 104 years old. We started in 1914.  Back then it was primarily a gravel pit and a little sheet metal shop in the back.  The McDonald brothers bought out the gravel pit and The Turner’s kept the sheet metal shop and it grew from there.

Was learning the roofing business hard to learn?
    Oh yeah.  I was out in the field the first 10 or 12 years. By the time they moved me into estimating, I was running all the outside crews like a general superintendent and solving problems, and installing when I needed to install.  Even today, when we are short-handed, I’ll strap on a tool belt and get to work.  It’s a funny reaction to see superintendents yelling at me about getting something done and then I’ll go to a meeting and they figure out I’m the owner of the company.

Do you think your children will have an interest in taking over the company someday?
    One of our sons just left college after he decided college wasn’t for him.  He has worked here several summers and now he is working here fulltime.  Our other son says he has an interest, but he has a lot of other interests as well.  He’s going to be senior in high school and is concentrating on making decisions about colleges.
    Realistically, I don’t know.  This is a great business to be in.  It’s ever changing but it’s not as simple as it used to be.  I try to encourage them if they have other interests to
do that and if they don’t like it or it doesn’t work out, they can always come here.
    It would be a proud moment for a fourth generation to take over and continue and keep it going, but we’ll have to see what the future holds.

What do you do in your spare time?

    I’m in on a ranch with some friends and we spend some time there.  I hunt on a ranch in West Texas with some other friends.  And, I have a boat in Port Aransas and we go as often as we can and fish.
    My oldest son was a four-year state golf qualifier.  He plays a lot of golf and I’ll go play with him.
    My wife likes to travel so about every six weeks we go somewhere for the weekend. Wherever we go usually has to have a winery near, my wife likes wine and visiting the different wineries.
    I’ve picked up woodworking.  I try to do a lot of that. I got that from my grandfather.  Woodworking was one of his main hobbies.
    Since we’re down to one kid at home now, we don’t have some sporting event to run to every night so we spend our time working around the house or visiting some winery.

Do you like wine?
It’s growing on me.  If you would have asked me this 12-15 years ago, I would have said no it’s not something I would have wanted to do, but she has persuaded me into it.  Living in Blanco, we live 15 minutes from 56 wineries, so we’ve gotten to know a lot of the people and a lot of owners of wineries.

What is your favorite wine?

    There are so many it would be hard to pick a favorite but I really enjoy the Hye winery selections. -cmw

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