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Meet the midwife


SAN ANTONIO - When C. Darren Schultz, PE, Cleary Zimmermann, showed up at a meeting at the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio to unexpectedly meet Sister Christine, the midwife who delivered him. “It is truly a pleasure to see how our work and our lives here in San Antonio come together,” says Schultz. “San Antonio is a tight-knit community where we are all seemingly one person away from being connected to everyone else. I had the fortunate experience of meeting the midwife who delivered me 50 years ago here at the Santa Rosa Hospital after discussing the history of the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio and the evolution of the Santa Rosa Hospital over the past 150 years. It was truly a privilege to spend this time and share this experience with these elegant ladies.” L-R: Sister Christine, C. Darren Schultz, and Sister O’Brien of the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio/Santa Rosa Hospital System. –mh

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