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A mover and a smoker

image Jesus Chavero sells new and used barbecue pits for Helotes Pits, but he also sells for its sister company, Helotes Trailers.

SAN ANTONIO – Even though trailers and barbecue pits are two completely different products, there are some examples where the two meet – in Helotes, for example.

    Helotes Trailers and Helotes Pits have co-existed for the past two years as subsidiaries of Gavin Steel Fabrication. Raul Morales owns all three companies, having started out as Quality Grills & Smoker in 1992. Soon, the company was renamed 3M Steel, and then, in 1999, it was renamed Gavin Steel after the birth of Morales’ son, Gavin.
    Helotes Pits began in 1993, and two decades later, in September 2013, Morales also established Helotes Trailers. The trailer company sells new and pre-owned trailers, including utility trailers, dump trailers, water trailers, goosenecks, flatbed, and recently, they have begun selling military trailers, too. The pit company offers barbecue pits from small home and backyard sizes to competition and business sizes.
    Jesus Chavero, salesman for both companies, has been working for Morales for a year now and says that he came on board because it was “a better job opportunity to grow as a person,” and he enjoys his job. He notes that the companies have been busy with customers from all over San Antonio and the surrounding areas, as well as Houston, Dallas and even Mexico.
    He estimates that approximately 20 percent of the business on the trailer side comes from construction-related industries, but the pit side has a wide variety of customers. Though the customer base doesn’t crossover, the products do have a point where they meet – the pit company sells trailers with a pit already mounted on it.
    Helotes Pits sells barbecue pits, smoker pits and trailer pits. Helotes Trailers sells trailers that can be used for a wide variety of needs and services, including landscaping, moving equipment and fuel. Both businesses are located in Helotes. –mh

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