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Charity will begin at home

image L-R: E. Daniel Garcia sits with Mr. Limon, the first person that his nonprofit foundation will help to bring his home up to code.

SAN ANTONIO – When E. Daniel Garcia, president of Rhino Design Build, has gone on calls and seen the quality of life some people are living, he has wondered what he could do to help. At the same time, Garcia says, “It’s really hard to run a business and also fund these repairs on your own.” That’s why he recently established his nonprofit, Rhino Garcia Foundation.

Garcia used to be part of the KENS TV show “Mi Casa Makeover,” and now, he has joined forces with one of his old “Mi Casa” producers, Joe Maldonado, to reach out through a new show on KABB called “Building for Hope.” Produced by Sol Media Group, the show will feature the foundation and its partners helping families that are facing financial difficulties and living in houses that don’t meet current building codes.
    The foundation is in the process of raising funds to help its first client, Mr. Limon, an elderly man living on a fixed income whose home is in need of electrical, plumbing and structural repairs. Searching for candidates, Garcia reached out to Catholic Charities, which has several clients in need of the foundation’s help, and to start, they had Limon at the forefront of their mind.
    With the help of private donations from businesses and members of the construction industry, Garcia is hoping to start the estimated four weeks of work on Limon’s house in late October. Then, the show would probably air in the first quarter of 2015.
    Rhino Design Build will be the general contractor on the foundation’s projects, with several subcontractors that are also donating their time and materials, including AL Plumbing, Air Tek, Empowered by JC Painting, SA Energy and Vespid Pest Control.
    “There’s no shortage of people that need help here in our community,” Garcia says. “I’m just proud to be able to help and fortunate to be able to be in a position to help.” –mh

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