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Make room for Rhino

image Owner of Rhino Design Build Daniel Garcia is getting married to Elena Resendiz on Nov. 9.

SAN ANTONIO – About six months ago, Daniel Garcia officially opened a commercial division at the company he founded almost a decade ago, Rhino Design Build.

    Starting out as a custom homebuilder in 2004, Rhino still takes on a 70-percent residential workload.
    “Back when the market tanked in ’08 and ’09, we transitioned to home remodeling, and we’ve been doing that ever since,” says Garcia. “In the past year or so, we’ve transitioned into doing residential and commercial, and we just recently got certified through the Small Business Administration (SBA) as an 8(a) contractor, so now we’re going to be doing a lot of federal work.”
    In recent years, Rhino’s residential projects have included room additions, garage conversions, and mother-in-law suites for families moving in together due to the harsh economic climate. Commercial work has included Dollar General, Independence Title, and American Apparel at La Cantera Mall.
    Thanks to the 8(a) certification that Rhino received on Jun. 13, Garcia anticipates the workload will transition to 70 percent federal and commercial work by this time next year. He received the green light to start bidding in early September.
    “My father was an 8(a) contractor back in the late ‘80s, early ‘90s,” he notes. “So, I’m familiar with the federal arena. It’s just been so long, and it’s changed so much.”
    Garcia observes that the process to get certified took two and a half years from start to finish, but he sought certification not only to throw his hardhat into the ring but to follow in his father’s footsteps.
    Born in Lubbock, Garcia’s family moved to San Antonio when he was 5. His father, Edward Francisco Garcia, was an architect and general contractor, EFG Associates. Today, he’s retired and works for a school district. –mp

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