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A new chapter begins

image Joeris General Contractor President, Kenny Fuller

SAN ANTONIO - He has been in construction his entire life. Starting out as a subcontractor working for his dad, eventually moving over to the general construction side of the construction industry, Kenny Fuller has been named the new president of Joeris General Contractors.




    Fuller has been part of the Joeris team for more than 20 years. Most recently, Fuller served as the company’s Executive Vice President. He succeeds John Casstevens, who announced his departure from Joeris after 24 years on Sept. 4.
    With a career focused on client services and project management, Fuller’s client-focused philosophy will steer the company through this transition and continued growth in the market as the company deepens its values-based leadership. “To get the message out of who we are, especially the new values-based leadership piece portion. I don’t go very far without talking faith inside of what I do. Today’s values-based leadership becomes very easy to talk about inside of that arena. We have some amazing people that we work with here and we’re just going to put the pieces together that allows them to voice their opinions and be what they can be.”
    “The values are very much faith-based values. It’s been a part of who we have been since Leo Joeris started this,” says Fuller. “Our values are something we have reinforced within our mission statement.”
    Fuller is very excited to be leading the charge with the company’s new values-based leadership. It allows him to work with people across all different parts of the company. Prior to Fuller’s new post, he had been primarily concerned with the private side of what Joeris does. Now he can embark into new arenas.
    “We are excited about this next chapter at Joeris and look forward to continuing our Joeris Journey, providing the highest level of service to our customers, trade partners and Joeris team members,” says CEO Gary Joeris.
    Joeris General Contractors is a full-service general contractor. -cmw

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