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Doggett acquisition

image Doggett Truck Group’s location in San Antonio, TX

SAN ANTONIO - Houston-based Leslie Doggett Industries, through its newly acquired Truck Enterprises Group, has expanded into the trailer business with the acquisition of a privately-held Great Dane Trailer distributor/dealer. Doggett has locations throughout Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas including Houston, San Antonio and Austin, Texas.





    This acquisition comes on the heels of Doggett’s acquisition of Truck Enterprises Inc. two weeks ago and Doggett’s acquisition of the Freightliner dealerships throughout the State of Arkansas in 2018. The addition of Great Dane complements Doggett’s existing Freightliner and Western Star dealerships as they will now sell and service flatbeds, dry freight and refrigerated vans with their over-the-road truck offerings.
    SVP of the Doggett Truck Group, Paul Burk, said, “The addition of Great Dane products to Doggett’s world-class lineup allows Doggett to further partner with trucking companies and truck dealers on a measurable and meaningful basis. We are very proud to be partners with Great Dane and expect to have extraordinary growth with their products just as we have had extraordinary growth in our truck (Freightliner), tractor (John Deere), forklift (Toyota),  crane (LinkBelt) and auto businesses (Ford).”
    Doggett is a Houston-based diversified heavy equipment dealer for seven first-tier manufacturers (www.DOGGETT.com) that are either number 1 or 2 in their respective industries: John Deere construction and forestry equipment (17 dealerships), Toyota Industrial Equipment - forklifts & material handling (7 dealerships), Freightliner and Western Star on-highway and vocational trucks (9 dealerships), Link Belt Cranes (3 dealerships) , a Ford auto and truck dealership and now Great Dane Trailers (3 dealerships).
    About Leslie Doggett Industries and its Doggett Equipment Services Group:
Doggett, founded by Leslie Doggett and Brady Carruth in 1993 with 17 employees, was ranked by the Houston Chronicle in 2019 as Houston’s 12th largest private company with annual sales exceeding US $1 billion and 1400+ full-time employees including 500+ factory trained and certified, highly professional technicians. Doggett is a family-owned heavy equipment, highway truck and automotive dealership group without outside investment of any kind. -rd

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