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A “precision” niche

image L-R: Joe Dubbles, Ginger Ramirez and Rosco

SAN ANTONIO - Originally from New Jersey, Joe Dubbles left the Garden State to serve in the U.S. Navy. He had the great fortune to be stationed in Hawaii, a tropical paradise. It seems he has a passion for mesmerizing places.





    Knowing that he did not want to return to New Jersey, after leaving the navy, Dubbles settled in another mesmerizing city and bought a bar in the beautiful, historic city of San Antonio.
    Dubbles owned three bars and restaurants when he met his wife and knew working into the wee hours would not a happy marriage make. He got out of the bar business and went to work for a roofing contractor before moving on. He would eventually go to work for a general contractor and later an interior contractor where he found his calling.
    Dubbles started his own interior finish out company and sold it three years ago to start Precision Contracting, an interior demolition and construction company. As a result of the sell, Dubbles had a three-year non-complete and could not perform commercial work and focused on residential work.
    Dubbles started Precision Contracting with just himself and a couple of field guys flipping houses. From there he got calls asking him to re-do a bathroom, kitchen and other interior renovations.
    With the expiration of his three-year non-compete, Dubbles and Precision Contracting are back in the fast lane of commercial interior finish out. “We have our niche. We are really good at TI work. We are going to keep our residential side going as we have a pretty good client base and lots of referrals,” says Dubbles.
    Ginger Ramirez is Precision’s commercial project manager. Overseeing the residential side is Sheryle Leal.
     “I think what makes Precision Contracting different is that we are very service oriented. I know that is cliché, but it is true. We really try hard to get the job done the way it is supposed to be done with no hassles.”
    Precision Contracting is an interior demolition and construction general contractor in San Antonio, TX. -cmw

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