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And sonsssssss

image Roger Tellez, owner of Tellez & Sons Painting

SAN ANTONIO - Roger Tellez is the “Tellez” in Tellez & Sons Painting. The “Sons” is Roger’s son Isaac. Tellez inherited the business from his father in 1992. So, before 1992, Roger was the “Sons” to his father’s “Tellez.” When Roger leaves the business to Isaac in several years, Isaac will become the “Tellez” and his son will be the “Sons.” This will result in four generations of painters from one family leaving their marks on San Antonio.


    Right now, Roger does about 80 percent residential work to about 20 percent commercial. But in his lengthy painting history, some of that commercial includes San Antonio landmarks Six Flags Fiesta Texas and Sea World. To paint some of the rides in both places, Roger used lifts or even a rope and pulley to reach some non-standard places.
    Before those two places were built, Roger remembers the day when the only thing west of town on I-10 was pretty much Camp Bullis. He has been painting with his father since his high school days.
    Roger has done his share of historical homes in San Antonio as well, matching the original paint schemes.
    Being the boss now means he has to be the lead bidder and estimator. That comes with the territory. What Roger really loves doing is painting. “I like to work,” he said. “I just love it. It makes my day go faster.”
    During his years of painting, Roger remembers the lots of yellow and hunter green and country blue phases. But if there’s one constant for Roger, it’s what his father once told him: “Every day you learn something new about painting.”
    Roger has undoubtedly shared with Isaac about the days when a business had to advertise in (hang on for this one) the Yellow Pages. Isaac will tell his son about doing a Google search in his day. Whichever means is used, Tellez & Sons has a lot of repeat customers. In fact, Roger is repainting his father’s customers’ houses now.
    “Every day you learn something different,” Roger said, repeating his father’s wisdom. Maybe someday a Tellez son will paint the new Eight Flags Fiesta Texas.
    Tellez & Sons Painting is a painting contractor in San Antonio. -dsz

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