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A Dwyer duty

image Dwyer Restoration owner, Dan Dwyer

SAN ANTONIO - South Texas is the place to be to get away from the blizzards up north. That is exactly what Dan Dwyer did after graduating from Alfred State College in New York (not to mention that the taxes are cheaper in Texas, too!). Dwyer was first introduced to the construction field from his father who was a framer and owned his own business.



    Learning many trades in construction growing up, it benefited Dwyer in the long run. Framing and waterproofing was his initial skill set. He worked for a framing company and became a general manager elsewhere for eight years.
    Dwyer Restoration, founded and owned by Dwyer himself, is a restoration insurance construction company. Dwyer credits his business as being able to identify hard-to-spot damages that most general contractors overlook. Another set-apart-from-the-rest plus is customer service. The company believes in keeping customers informed every step of the way by “communicating on a daily basis through the entire construction process.”
    Many jobs are associated with insurance claims due to natural disasters. The staff in San Antonio, TX, sets up consultations with clients, handles claims and repairs damages. The silver lining for clients is that repairs end up better than ever. “There is no job that we complete that ends up in lesser condition.” Renovations for indoor and outdoor upgrades without insurance claims are also available.
    There is a showroom filled with a variety of materials. People are able to select the designs they want. Dealing with property damage is stressful, but a perk is being able to customize a desired look.
    When Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast in 2017, Dwyer Restoration was one of the first contractors permitted in to start repairing condominiums and homes. It was a satisfying experience for Dwyer having the opportunity to help so many in need. Working in restoration is an interesting field for Dwyer because he is able to gain new experiences every day.
    Dwyer Restoration is a restoration and new construction contractor in San Antonio, TX. -tnp

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