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Coming home

image The Clearfield Construction team L-R: Mariano Molina, Heather Lancaster, Gloria Traeger, Jose DeLaFuente, Anjan Pailla and Osvaldo Machado

SAN ANTONIO - Holding a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering and Waste Water Treatment and being a Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Texas, you would expect Mariano Molina to be the president of a civil engineering firm. Mariano is owner and president of Clearfield Construction.





    For 30 years, Mariano has been doing concrete work. Upon graduating, Mariano’s design work specialized in concrete, roads, bridges and earth movement. “Concrete and earthwork is my niche of expertise,” says Mariano.
     In 2013, Mariano and his older sister Claudia Berdegué started Clearfield after Mariano returned to U.S. from working in Bolivia, where he is originally from. For the first few months, they worked out of their homes, held meetings at local restaurants or coffee shops until they got their first office space.
    Claudia who came from the investment and financial industry sold her portion of the business to Mariano in 2017 and returned to her specialized field of interest. Combining his engineering and construction skills, Mariano moved Clearfield onward, specializing in heavy civil construction services in the public and private sectors of Central and South Texas.
    In six short years, Clearfield has been growing steadily and has grown from the brother/sister team to a team of two estimating engineers, an outdoor estimator, two superintendents, an administrator and a bookkeeper.
    “I believe in honesty and doing a job right,” says Mariano. “Our slogan is ‘built right with old school values’ and I really believe in that.”
    Clearfield performs civil works, site development and infrastructure building within a 200-mile radius of San Antonio and has a vast experience in road and bridge construction, dirt movement, asphalt pavement, water utilities, public school construction and various infrastructure projects.
    Mariano enjoys spending as much time as possible with his 11-year-old and 9-year-old sons and playing tennis, in which he is in two tennis leagues. He also enjoys an occasional leisurely game of golf.
    Clearfield Construction is a concrete contractor in San Antonio, TX. -cmw


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