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Bi-folding success

image Schweiss hydraulic door, Cape Canaveral hangar

SAN ANTONIO - From farrowing crates for sows, snow blowers, farm trailers, tile plow and something called the Schweiss Chicken Plucker, Schweiss Doors has come a very long way.





    Almost 40 years after developing his first bi-fold door that measured 12 x 12 ft., Mike Schweiss and Schweiss Doors continue to make strides. Through the years, they have manufactured doors of all shapes and sizes. They literally listened to their customers, and presto, they made it happen. Schweiss employees look forward to taking on the challenge of satisfying their customers and fulfilling their requests.
    There are no cookie-cutter doors at Schweiss Doors. The office personnel have stepped up to handle the designer door requests. They enjoy working on these one-of-a-kind customer doors, spending many hours designing and engineering each door.
    The Hydraulic lifting porch hangar door drew national attention by television networks. It gave new meaning to the term “hangar home.”
    “Your door is only as good as its hinges,” says Promotions Director Patrick Schmidt. More recently, when the Schweiss team was asked about greasable hinges, the team quickly went to work. They didn’t just wrap their heads around heavy-duty bi-fold hinges; they went a step further and engineered a robust, user-friendly hinge with a removable hinge pin. “We didn’t have any greasable hinges on our doors and customers kept asking about it so we put greasable bearings on our bi-fold doors. It went over so well that we put them on our hydraulic doors. Now they can just stand under their doorframe and take a grease gun hit the various spots. It doesn’t take any time nor do you have to be up on a ladder. You no longer have to remove the top rubber seal,” adds Schmidt.
    The 65-employee company, with its one location, just keeps growing and selling doors, which are what they like doing best.
    Schweiss Doors is an over-header door manufacturer. -cmw

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