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Treviño’s tile tradition

image Treviño Tile owners father, Mario and sons, Willie and Jimmy

SAN ANTONIO - The flooring and tile industry has been imprinted in Willie Treviño since the day he was born. His grandfather built homes in Mexico, and Treviño’s father worked for his father. It is a passed down family trade.





    In 1998, the Treviño family decided to go all in and start their own tile company, Treviño Tile. Because Treviño and many family members were born and raised in San Antonio, TX, they knew it was the right location for the business.  Currently there are a total of six crewmembers, three groups with two members each. The Trevińo family helps each other run the business. They make it work with the assistance and joint ownership with his father, Mario and brother, Jimmy.
    Servicing San Antonio and surrounding cities, the team stays busy with a variety of residential and commercial jobs. For instance, the company completed a project for IPAC Nissan. Trevińo Tile focuses mainly on floors but also bath and shower remodel. Change outs and upgrades are high in demand for Trevińo, especially in bathrooms.
    Trevińo has and will always enjoy completing floor projects, “There is nothing better than a greatly finished floor.” Even though the company specializes in a variety of home renovations, the focus is in tile.  Trevińo credits his website and online service request for the impact of his growing business. According to Trevińo, word of mouth of satisfied customers also has a great impact on the business, and customer satisfaction is of upmost importance, “All of us here make sure that the customer is happy.”
    As an alumni of Alamo Heights High School, Trevińo’s son will be one also. There is also a possibility of his son working in the industry as well. In the mean time, Trevińo cherishes his time with his son by taking him to different sporting events and assisting in his sporting leagues.
    Trevińo Tile is a ceramic tile installation service company in San Antonio, TX. –tnp

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