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A modern and rustic touch

image MK Contractor Services owner, Michael Kuehne

SAN ANTONIO - It is not the usual case for someone to wake up one morning and decide to start their own business. However, this is exactly what Michael Kuehne did in 2008. Previously, he was working in the executive world for several years. Kuehne soon realized that construction was his true passion, which was introduced to him as a kid. A family trade traced back from relatives in Germany. He knew it was time to go back to his carpentry roots.


    Born in Los Angeles, CA, Kuehne moved to Texas as a baby. Since then he has stayed and formed his own business in San Antonio, TX. Working in his grandfather and father’s shop has taught Kuehne the fundamentals of craftsmanship. He was surrounded by it daily and spent his time helping with various projects. It was a skill that he learned to love and would benefit him in the long run even if he did not realize it at that time.
    When starting the business, Kuehne was working with a friend and shared the title as co-owner. Over time, Kuehne knew he was more than capable of running the business on his own. Becoming a solo owner of MK Contractor Services turned out to be the best fit for Kuehne.
    The company is based in San Antonio where Kuehne has lived the majority of his life. Services are provided to surrounding cities and even as far out as Corpus Christi, TX. If the project has merit, driving to a city a couple of hours away is not an issue. With a team of 20, the company finds a way to provide to clients near and semi-far.
    Throughout Kuehne’s life in San Antonio, he lived in the area of Monte Vista area. Monte Vista, an old neighborhood north of downtown known for its interesting and historical architecture. Kuehne acquired a taste for this older Craftsman style by being raised in the area and witnessing the same admiration of it from his own father. Restoration on older projects is what Kuehne has learned to do because it was also his father’s niche.
    MK Contractor Services focuses on restoration, repair and renovation of historical homes and buildings. Simple jobs include redecorating a wall and more extensive jobs include entire building restorations where he says they renovate everything from “top to bottom.” Kuehne emphasizes that his company takes the time to incorporate their skill in keeping the historic aura. “We use existing craftsmanship but with modern conveniences, keeping the same look and feel of the original craftsmanship,” he said.
    The company is able to execute the historical feel by recognizing the importance of wood dimensions, patterns and color, the “little details make a difference in being able to keep the same historical value.” Because downtown San Antonio is consumed with historical architecture, it is no surprise that Kuehne receives many requests from this side of town. Currently, the company is working on a project where they will be repainting Sunset Station. In the early 1900s, it was utilized as a train station downtown.
    The aspect of surprising people on how their older home can look new again never gets old for Kuehne. He enjoys challenges and being able to amaze clients with his craftsmanship. So much so that he gladly accepts out of the box projects.
    “Many clients are turned down from other companies because of their difficult project request,” he said. “I am the one who takes on those jobs.”
    In Kuehne’s downtime, he continues to work and perfect his craft by building furniture, even for his own home. Kuehne’s passion in crafting is his career and his hobby. He also enjoys fishing. Living in Rockport, TX for a short time provided many opportunities to fish. Another skill and passion of Kuehne’s is photography, which is useful for featuring his craft through his website.
    MK Contractor Services is a carpentry and renovation contractor in San Antonio, TX. –tnp




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