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Helping to develop future leaders

image L-R: Dr. Tulio Sulbaran, Chair of Department of Construction Science University of Texas at San Antonio; Terracon Project Engineer Scott Lefton, Ford, Powell & Carson Associate Laura Hall and Mike Frisbie, Senior Vice President & Chief Operati

SAN ANTONIO - Seeing the need to attract the next generation into construction, the Terracon Foundation, a corporate philanthropy of Terracon issued a $3,000 grant to support the ACE Mentor Program of Greater San Antonio Inc., which was established in 2006. Terracon’s Scott Lefton, PE, SECB from the San Antonio office recommended the grant.





    “The ACE Mentor Program of Greater San Antonio Inc. works with kids in the community to develop their skills and inspire them to continue their education and join the construction industry. We are starting a fellowship program for kids over the summer and give them greater exposure to the real world by introducing them to the projects we work on and the problems we face, and to let them know they have the skills to help us.”

    Lefton was hired straight out of high school to do AutoCAD drafting for some local engineering firms. That was instrumental in getting him to join the industry. “Ideally, we would like to start something similar to show these students that are 16, 17, 18 years old with AutoCAD experience, Revit experience, construction scheduling experience from the school side that these skills they’ve learned transfers over to the real world and that it is needed. It can help them get a good career in the construction industry.”
    Terracon is an employee-owned engineering consulting firm, which provides environmental, facilities, geotechnical and materials services. –cmw

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