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“Formal” is not just in the name

image Owner Layton Allison attending a convention

SAN ANTONIO - Originally the company was called L&L Flooring Concepts, but Layton Allison was not sold yet on that name. One day Allison was completing a project for a customer’s home where he had to rip out the entire carpet, sanitize the floors due to stains from pets and installed brand new floors.




    During this big project, Allison became acquainted with the homeowner and found out that she owned a tuxedo t-shirt business. The owner even gave him some free shirts.
    Allison thought, “Wouldn’t it be funny if we showed up in tuxedo t-shirts for floor services?” In that exact moment, Allison’s company became and still is Formal Flooring. Another person’s business inspired his business. Currently Allison’s work uniforms have a tuxedo emblem printed on the front of their shirts.
    Allison started learning the trade 11 years ago where he worked with an acquaintance in the flooring business. Over time, the partner he was working with became busy with personal obligations. This strain on Allison having to pick up the slack was a blessing in disguise. Allison worked hard to still make the scheduled service calls and complete projects on time.
    After Allison felt he gained enough experience, he knew it was time to start his own business, which he started in 2008. Allison resides in New Braunfels, TX, and services San Antonio and surrounding areas. He has even gone as far out as Austin to complete projects. Currently there are three contractors that work with Allison. They have established a close and efficient working relationship, “I have a great group of guys. They always get compliments from customers. They are good hearted guys that do great work.”
    Custom projects, remodels and conversions are what Formal Flooring is known for. They also provide painting and granite services. A favorite of Allison’s and highly requested service are bathroom conversions, such as converting a tub into a walk-in shower. A proud project completed by Formal Flooring is remodeling an old building downtown in New Braunfels where they installed new commercial carpet and paint.
    As for upcoming plans for the company, Allison is hoping to expand the current shop. He wants a showroom to showcase a variety of selections he has to offer his clients. Since Allison is a people person, this shop expansion will help in providing client relationships. Allison states, “I enjoy people, creating and maintaining relationships. We have long lasting and repeat customers who continue to use our services throughout the years.”
    Allison was born and raised in Seguin, TX. He also grew up in New Braunfels where he resides now. His three little girls (ages 8, 9 and13) keep him occupied with sports and cooking. BBQ is a family favorite in the Allison household. They also enjoy having BBQ competitions. For Allison, running a BBQ food truck service would be a dream, of course besides managing Formal Flooring!
    Formal Flooring is a conversion and flooring service company in New Braunfels, TX. –tnp

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