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Luke, I am your father

image Luke’s Asphalt Paving owner, Dallas Luke

SAN ANTONIO - The Luke family ‘paved’ the way for Dallas Luke to know and love paving. As a passed-down family business, Luke is a fourth-generation owner of Luke’s Asphalt Paving. This asphalt family business all started with great grandfather Luke in 1962 in Burnet, TX.





    Being born into the business, it is fate for Luke to keep the company up and running for years to come. It is an obligated role Luke plans to take on as a lifetime career.
    Luke was born in Chickasha, OK. He moved to Texas as a toddler because his parents were eager to be closer to family. Growing up, Luke was involved in sports and played in many competitions. After graduation, he ultimately directed his focus into his family business. His father, Billy Luke, taught him everything he needed to know. Currently, Luke and his father are managing the company together as co-owners.
    Luke’s Asphalt Paving is based out of Spring Branch, TX and services surrounding counties. The team consists of nine employees, including co-owners. Luke plans on expanding his crew size in the near future, especially to aid in prep work. Among those who help run the business are Luke’s wife Holly and his step-mom Andrea. Like many businesses, there is much going on behind the scenes with paperwork. As office manager, Holly takes care of everything between documenting and setting up contracts.
    The company stays busy with asphalt installation and maintenance. This includes a variety of patching methods and seal coating. The focus is on outdoor terrain such as parking lots, driveways and walkways. From fixing a crack to ripping out and installing new asphalt, Luke’s Asphalt Paving takes on projects of all kind. Many requests are from brand new residential properties including neighborhood roads.
    Luke’s Asphalt Paving has long-lasting business relations with residents and commercial companies. There are ongoing service contracts with mom and pop businesses and restaurants like Dairy Queen. Recently the company completed a large commercial project for a KOA campground by tearing out old asphalt and topsoil to replace with new asphalt. Even though jobs like these are time-consuming and challenging, Luke favors these projects.
    “I enjoy starting from scratch and installing new asphalt. Overlays are fun too,” he said.
    One of the largest projects accomplished by the company was for a resident in Pearsall, TX. Luke installed 250,000 sq. ft. of road for the longtime customer.
    As an owner, Luke enjoys the sales and marketing aspect of running his business. Clients come in through referrals and through their website. What is distinctive about the company’s website is their web journal feature. The work journal contains archives of past projects with detailed descriptions and pictures. The log goes as far back as 2012.
    Another perk of being an owner is Luke’s freedom to be able to attend his paintball competitions. He has played competitively for close to 15 years. He helps manage and plays for a San Antonio-based team. Taylor, a crewmember from Luke’s business, also plays on the same team. Playing competitive paintball means having to attend out-of-town tournaments in states such as Nevada, Florida and Illinois. There is even an annual summer tournament in Dallas, TX, so the freedom of being self-employed is helpful. When Luke needs to be at a tournament, he brings his work with him and attends to the needs of his clients and work crew. 
    As for upcoming plans for the business, Luke hopes to expand his company. He has dedicated his life to this family business and plans to continue doing so for as long as possible. This year, Luke and his wife welcomed a baby girl named Whitley in January. It would be Luke’s privilege to be able to pass down Luke’s Asphalt Paving to a fifth generation.
    Luke’s Asphalt Paving is an asphalt contractor in Spring Branch, TX. –tp

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