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Feels like a fresh start

image The Allied Fire Protection team.

HOUSTON - Two young men: one who spent his younger life being raised by strangers in an orphanage outside of Fort Worth; and the other who lost his father to brain cancer at a young age. They found their way to being best friends at the age of 13. They dreamed of owning a business together and never gave up on that dream.




    After high school, Shannon Payne experienced the corporate world after obtaining a business degree, while best friend John Hubbard began climbing the ladder in the fire sprinkler industry, starting as a fitter, then advancing to foreman and eventually to a project manager.
    In 1998, while in their mid-20s, the two followed through with their life-long dream and established Allied Fire Protection. Payne with the business know-how and Hubbard with the trade experience, began working out of Payne’s garage in Pearland, a suburb of Houston. “For the first year, we worked out of my garage. We did everything back then. We designed, we installed, whatever it took. We wore multiple hats to get the company off the ground,” says Payne.
    It did not take the company long to build up a customer base, but by their third year, they experienced their first emotional upset, 9/11. Everybody was holding onto his or her money, as no one knew what to expect from our Nation’s tragedy.
    The young company persevered and by late 2002, the economy began to pick up steam. In 2003, Allied expanded into San Antonio and McAllen. By 2005, the market was exploding, so Payne and Hubbard welcomed a new partner, Troy Davenport. The next few years welcomed even more growth, which led to Allied continuing the expansion into Dallas in 2008 and Austin in 2010.  In late 2009/early 2010, there was a slide in the economy which led the partners to believe it was time to diversify the company, so they also opened the Fire Alarm division of the business. Their latest expansion was just last year, in 2018, when they put boots on the ground in Laredo.
    In 2017, as Allied approached its 20-year anniversary, the company began rebranding after being sought out by another company. “We hired an outside consultant because we wanted to rebrand and modernize our logo. We wanted to upgrade our website and show everybody our strengths. We began peeling away the layers of the onion, so-to-speak. When we were trying to figure out who we were in this branding process, we realized that we weren’t the same company in our other offices.” said Payne.
    “Today, when we look around the company, everybody knows what our vision is, what our mission is, and how we are going to get there. Everyone knows what our core values are, our strategy, how we’re implementing our plan and who our fellow team members are. Twenty years in the business, this being our 21st, and in a lot ways it feels like a fresh start,” states Payne.
    With the rebranding complete, Davenport has relocated back to San Antonio after a 13-year presence in the Houston/Pearland market. He plans to build relationships along the I-35 corridor and build on the meaning behind the company’s new logo; a badge. The logo symbolizes service, protection, security and public trust; all of the things a badge stands for and what Allied has built its company and core values around.
    Through the years, Allied Fire Protection has evolved building its name designing, installing and maintaining fire sprinkler systems. They have built a foundation that provides a full scope of fire alarm systems, staffing their own Alarm Planning Superintendent (APS) who is licensed to draw, design and submit plans for permitting. They offer a strong service support system in all areas of fire and life safety and property protection to include fire alarm monitoring, kitchen hood systems, fire suppression systems, fire extinguishers and special hazards. They also have a private security license.
    Allied believes strongly in the importance of supporting organizations in the communities they serve. “We want our communities better. We want our families stronger for the next generation. I feel like it is our duty and responsibility to help our neighbors and our communities and we are proud that we are involved in our communities,” adds Payne. Allied works year-round with groups that center around causes that make a difference including Youth Education and Arts, Military Support, Agriculture, Health and Human Services, and Community Development and Conservation.
    Allied Fire Protection is a full-service fire and life safety contractor and service provider in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Rio Grande Valley and Laredo, TX. -cmw

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