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Based in experience

image Jason Taylor, owner of Taylor HVAC Solutions

SAN ANTONIO - When Jason Taylor’s wife was reassigned to Randall Air Force Base from a North Carolina base, it was a lucky break for Taylor. Because he had been building a career in the heating and air conditioning field, Taylor knew Texas’ unforgiving summers and unpredictable winters offered steady work.




    With that in mind, he established Taylor HVAC Solutions LLC last year. The decision was a natural one: Taylor already had experience establishing another company’s HVAC department.
    “I thought if I was doing it for a company, why couldn’t I do it for myself?” Taylor says. “It wasn’t much of a change because I’m still doing the same exact thing, such as ordering my own equipment, and doing everything I need to be successful in working for myself.”
    Although there is more paperwork involved with being a business owner, Taylor says he enjoys being his own boss, especially because he controls the customer’s experience.
    “I enjoy all aspects,” he says. “Installing systems is probably the most satisfying. I just get in, do what I’ve got to do to get the job done and go from there. The big thing is when you go in and talk to the customer and give them the information that they need in order for them to make an educated decision on replacing the system or fixing a part.”
    With summer a few months away, Taylor plans to hire help for his growing business.
    “It’s just me right now,” he says. “Hopefully, by the end of this summer– because I know it’s going to be hot – I am looking to get another technician and getting someone to help with the administrative tasks.”
    Until he can find the help, he knows he can turn to a certain high-flyer who is always in his corner.
    “My wife just retired from the Air Force and is a contractor working on base, so she has her own work,” he says. “But from time to time, when stuff gets overwhelming, she’ll step in!”
    Subcontractor Taylor HVAC Solutions is located in Schertz. –mjm

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