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50 years and new leadership

image L-R: Pat O’Brien, Justin McAfee and Preston McAfee

SAN ANTONIO - In 1969, two men from Gainesville, TX, Steve Rogers and Pat O’Brien, inseparable friends since junior high, decided to start their own commercial construction company, Rogers-O’Brien Construction (RO). From the day they went into business, they dealt with each other the way real friends do - with respect, integrity and mutual commitment.



    As the business grew, they dealt with every person and every company with these very same values. Today, the company and its people still strive to always do the right thing. Remaining faithful to the founders’ principles and standards has enabled Rogers-O’Brien Construction to consistently attract the very best clients, employees and building partners; to successfully complete projects of all sizes; to comfortably transition to three generations of leadership and to become nationally recognized in the list of top contractors by Engineering News Record (ENR). The RO team is extremely proud of this legacy and looks forward to honoring this history to build the future.
     Effective Jan. 25, Preston McAfee stepped down as CEO of Rogers-O’Brien Construction (RO) and assumed the role of Chairman. Justin McAfee stepped into the role of President and CEO of the company.
    “I am proud of what RO has accomplished over the past 50 years,” states Preston McAfee. “I know that with Justin’s leadership and vision, the company will continue to grow and prosper, while providing our clients, trade partners and employees with the same level of respect and integrity we aspire for.”
    Unknown to most, Justin McAfee worked for another large general contractor prior to joining RO to work alongside his father and grandfather. It was important to Justin to gain the respect from the industry and learn from some of the best. After coming aboard in 2009, McAfee worked in every department for an extended amount of time. In the past year, he unofficially assumed the role of CEO. During this time, he led RO to a record-breaking year of $700,000,000 in annual revenue, and a new office in San Antonio. It is his leadership, passion and care that has allowed RO to achieve these milestones, all while ensuring each employee is enjoying what they do and are doing it well.
    Since joining RO in 2009, McAfee has served many roles ranging from a Quality Manager in the field, to supporting RO’s Preconstruction and Client Relations Department in the office. He went on to assume the role as President of the Dallas/Fort Worth office region, and to now fill the role as CEO as his father, Preston McAfee, retires in 2019.
    Throughout McAfee’s time wearing many hats in the company, his desire to be at the forefront of the commercial construction industry resulted in over $2.5 billion in construction volume over the past five years. A large part of RO’s success can be attributed to the innovative culture that began when the Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) department was forged in 2009. McAfee handpicked the team of technology professionals that were tasked with leading this corporate initiative, and worked in collaboration with the VDC team on the first projects that utilized VDC, including 1400 Hi Line, SMU Moody Coliseum and the Shops at Legacy.
    McAffee continued the push for technology and was the impetus in the transition from the use of paper to tablets in the field. This push for change enables their employees to be more effective with their time, saving over 50,000 hours per year, and over $1.5 million is cost savings by going to a paperless workflow. This is an exciting time for the RO team as they celebrate 50 years in business and a new CEO.
     Rogers-O’Brien Construction is a full-service general contractor in Dallas, San Antonio, Houston and Austin. -cmw

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