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Food fight champions

image L-R: Atlas Floors’ Debbie Patterson, Veronica Despres, Sandy Cheatham and Tessa Burns, Emser Tile

SAN ANTONIO - Don’t get into a food fight with the ladies from Atlas Floors. They were the big winners at Food Fight 2018. This was their first year competing.







    The event has been held at Ferguson where the kitchens were operational so food could be made to order and kept warm at each station. This year, the event was held at Expression Home Gallery. Making it a bit challenging, there were not operational kitchens at each station. Although the venue was amazing, the food had to be cooked and prepped off site.
    “We did have one large area for all seven teams to use, but that was congested. So we made everything at my house in Boerne and semi-assemble buns, then dress with condiments on site.  I marinated the pork belly Tuesday, slow roasted it for three hours on Wednesday and pan seared with a glaze on Thursday before the teammates came over to prep and assemble,” says Sandy Cheatham, team head chef.
    “My vision of our design was a retro Tiki theme since I knew the typical Hawaiian luau was going to be done.”  The team wore matching Hawaiian retro dresses. Tiki mugs and many décor items were ordered online to add to the overall look of their display. Debbie Patterson had shells from her Tahitian travels and Veronica Despres’ crafting skills came in handy to add to the unique look of their display. The icing on top, according to Cheatham, was playing Hawaiian music to set the mood of the surfing tiki retro vibe. I think you’re right Sandy. It looks like it worked. Congratulations ladies! –cmw

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