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Upon this rock

image Cody Willey (center), owner of Iron Rock Concrete, with wife Courtney and some of his crew

SAN ANTONIO - Cody Willey basically learned about the construction industry by osmosis. His grandfather and father were both contractors, as well as other members of his family. Whenever the family gathered together, Willey overheard all the shop talk, learned it, and knew he’d end up in construction as well.




    “I started on construction jobsites at 5-years-old, just helping out on the weekends,” he said.
    However, Willey also knew that one day he’d have his own company. After doing remodeling and most every construction trade, he took the plunge and started Iron Rock Concrete in March 2015.
    Why “Iron Rock?” Even though he uses a lot of steel in his work for the rebar, Willey didn’t like the way that sounded: “Steel Rock.” Since his two kids like the comic book action figures, especially Iron Man, he liked the way that sounded: “Iron Rock.”
    Plus, being a faith-based company who uses Psalm 16:3 as their world view (“Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed.”), this is the real Rock for the company.
    “With everything we do, we want to do in the image of God,” Willey said. This is what drives their customer focus and desire to be the best company they can be. “Everybody in the company is on the same page.”
    Iron Rock Concrete has been rated as one of the best concrete contractors by Expertise three years in a row. Not bad for a company that’s only been in existence less than four years.
    In the beginning, Iron Rock was like most new businesses. “Obviously, it was slow here and there,” Willey said. But within six months, the work was coming in.
    “I really think it’s about earning a good reputation and keeping that close relationship with your customers, “ he said. It’s the repeat customers who give most of his referrals.
    Iron Rock Concrete does both commercial and residential work. On the commercial side, it does everything from parking lots, to building foundation, retaining walls, pad sites for generators and pumps, etc.
    On the residential side, Willey does driveways, patios, porches and sidewalks.
    About 20 percent of his residential work is the decorative, or stamped, concrete. A tamper that has the pattern on the other side does the patterns. When the concrete has hardened a bit, the worker stands on the tamper and embosses the pattern. Then the color and sealer are applied, requiring multiple trips out by Iron Rock.
    “What I like about working for the homeowner is no job’s the same,” Willey said.
    Going from construction worker to construction owner was daunting. “It was really taking the leap on it,” Willey said. “I’ve never worked this hard in my life. Being in this position now, I have a lot more respect for all the other bosses that I’ve had previous to this.”
    Willey puts on 700 miles a week on his truck, going to and from the two-three projects he has going on daily. With wife Courtney’s help running the show (and a lot of divine enablement), Iron Rock Concrete would like to keep its good rating by Expertise an annual thing and become a household name when it comes to one’s concrete needs.
    Like a rock.
    Iron Rock Concrete specializes in residential and commercial concrete services . -dsz

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