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Shingling with the locals

image Kimberly and Alejandro Lopez

SAN ANTONIO - Alejandro Lopez and his wife Kimberly Lopez call their business Kendall County Roofing “Your Hometown Roofer” for sentimental reasons.






    “We call ourselves that because we’ve lived here in Kendall County our whole lives,” Kimberly says. “We’re both from Boerne and our families both come from Boerne. We’re invested in the community and want the best for it. We just really enjoy working here.”
    Alejandro started the company in 2016, after 17 years working and learning at another roofing business. Feeling he had achieved as much as he could at that company, he took two leaps of faith. The first leap required leaving his job and establishing the business. Alejandro took the second leap of faith when he convinced Kimberly to leave her long-standing job at Humana and come run the office side of his business.
    “Working with my wife is probably the best decision I ever made and at the same time, it’s also stressful a little bit,” Alejandro acknowledges. “Still, knowing that it’s for us, that the headaches are our headaches, that I’m not out there busting my butt for somebody else ­– that’s the thing that I really enjoy.”
    “The two of us work well together; we make a good team,” agrees Kimberly.
    Altogether, a team of five works at Kendall County Roofing, and Alejandro says he hopes to increase that number.
    “We’re in the process of growing and I definitely want to grow more and expand,” he says. “As young as we are, I think growth is the biggest goal, along with owning our own place.”
    The company is already growing in reputation. Two years ago, Kendall County Roofing earned a bronze in “The Best of the Best Roofers in Boerne.” Last year, the company took home the gold.
    With a good team, accolades and work in a hometown they love, Alejandro and Kimberly hope to continue to keep roofs over Boerne residents’ heads.
    Subcontractor Kendall County Roofing is located in Boerne and also services surrounding areas. –mjm

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