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On a hot Fry roof

image L-R: Rachelle Cervera, Don Fry and Clara Rodriguez

SAN ANTONIO - A young man working his way through college, Don Fry, worked part-time in the roofing industry installing clay tile roofs. He loved it so much, he decided he was going to do it for himself. So, at the tender age of 22, Fry went into business for himself and started Fry Roofing Inc. specializing in metal and clay tile roofs.




    Initially, Fry only did residential roofing, but over the years has become successful in the commercial arena as well. “Business has been very good for us. We do 50 percent commercial and 50 percent high-end custom homes,” says Fry.
    In 1981 when Fry first ventured out on his own, the business was small. Four short years later, Fry was able to purchase some property north of town, build a nice shop and has been there ever since. “Back then, we were the only ones out here.”
    Fry prefers doing business the old-fashioned way, he says. “Developing personal relationships with customers that turn into long-term partnerships is Fry’s secret to success. They in turn tell a friend…and then, they’ll tell a friend…and, well, you get the picture. A good reputation and word of mouth is the way to go. ”We work in a market where if  you do good quality work and treat your customers in a professional, respectable, honest manner, your rewards are great.”
    Fry Roofing is now a family business. Fry, the father of three, is proud to have one of his sons, Chris, come on board. “Chris came on board about 12 years ago, straight out of college. He thought he would give it a go and is now overseeing our commercial side of the business.”
    According to Fry, Fry Roofing stays within a 100-mile radius of San Antonio. “We do a lot of work in the hill country and Fredericksburg. A lot of people don’t want to go there because of the drive, but for us it’s great because there is no traffic, it’s relaxing and the scenery is breathtaking.”
    Fry Roofing Inc. is a residential and commercial roofing contractor in San
Antonio. -cmw

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