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Tiling the hill

image Joe Sandoval (center) owner of Sandoval Tile & Marble, with Jeremiah Lucio (L) and Oscar Salazar): “The hardest working crew I’ve had yet.”

SAN ANTONIO - The Texas Hill Country is a wonderful section of the Lone Star State. It boasts of the second largest granite dome in the United States - the Enchanted Rock.







    The Hill Country is also where Joe Sandoval conducts most of his business with Sandoval Tile & Marble. The El Paso native’s family has a history in the tiling trade.
    “My family was in the business prior to me,” Sandoval said. “I was actually into carpentry, initially.”
    Sandoval worked with his family for a number of years, but moved with his wife to Dallas around 1991.
    “I kind of wanted to get my feet wet, working on my own,” he explained.
    Sandoval moved to Boerne about 13 years ago. But, he said, the going was rough the first couple of years, and he did a lot more business in San Antonio that he does now.
    Having so many contacts in the Dallas area, Sandoval would still go up to the Metroplex for two-three weeks at a time. Now, being established down here, Sandoval likes to stay on the north side of 1604 for the most part.
    Hill Country residents have some traits unique to them. Popular there is putting stonework on the outside of kitchen islands, sometimes matching their fireplaces. Hill Country residents also tend to favor more rugged, outdoorsy looks for their homes.
    Another interesting project Sandoval does is makes dog showers. Seriously.
    For the future, Sandoval gives himself about 10 more years before riding off into the sunset. His kids are grown, two of which are active duty Air Force and Navy. He does watch his grandson a lot, which keeps him active, and keeps alive the dream that the little tyke will come up after him in the tiling business.
    Until then, Sandoval has the Hill Country tiled and marbled with his top-notch work. He makes the best dog showers.
    Sandoval Tile & Marble is located in Boerne. -dsz

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