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Alphabet group

image John Alvarez (far left) and A2Z team members at the Roten building project ground breaking.

SAN ANTONIO - Construction brought John Alvarez to San Antonio and he hopes construction – especially commercial – will be keeping him in the Alamo City for years to come.






    “I actually came to San Antonio with Thomas Enterprises, the developer of The Rim in Atlanta, and I was the senior project manager. We would come out to San Antonio quite often,” Alvarez says. “When the economy had the downturn, we unfortunately had to downsize, so there was an option made where I could come out to San Antonio, stay and take care of the shopping center. It was only supposed to be short-term, but when six months turned into a year and a year turned into 18 months, my wife and I just decided to stay.”
    In 2013, Alvarez had an opportunity to venture out on his own and start his business’ residential side, C60 Modern.
    “I was building homes for a friend of mine with Signature Homes, and we built several homes out in Vintage Oaks near New Braunfels. It just took off from there,” Alvarez says. “I was building homes and took on some commercial work for an investor in California who I knew as a builder in San Antonio and then the commercial side took on from there.”
    Because he was bidding more commercial work, Alvarez has changed the company’s name to A2Z Development Services, and already has notable projects to highlight. One commercial project is the Roten commercial office, which will serve as the Roten Company insurance office’s home location. He also recently finished The Elevens on Presa, which he completed with brother-and-sister team MP2 Urban Development. The three-house residential project downtown on an infill lot on Presa was chosen to be a spotlight in the AIA San Antonio tour this past October.
    Alvarez looks forward to the future.
    “We’ve been blessed to be in San Antonio and we look to be here for quite a while and continue to build and prosper,” Alvarez says.
    General contractor A2Z Development Services is in San Antonio. –mjm

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