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Roofs and relationships

image Paul Perez, owner of Texas Family Roofing & Construction.

SAN ANTONIO - Even though Texas Family Roofing & Construction is a new company, starting in 2016, Paul Perez has been in construction for almost 20 years now.









    His friend asked him to help him out one day framing houses. Perez just got into it as a way to make some quick money, but then realized that a career could be made out of this.
    “You can only frame so much and then you start getting into other things,” he said. “I decided I wanted to get into roofing.”
    Starting with just one crew of three guys, Perez doesn’t work for the subdivision builders, but rather the individual customer. All he does is re-roofs.
    Texas Family Roofing is a real family too: Perez’s father contributes and his wife does all the paperwork and scheduling.
    The growth was rapid, as the demand was there. “It kind of consumes you,” Perez said. “You get started and you don’t stop.”
    An interesting part of Perez’s repertoire is he is part of the San Antonio Rehabber Club. He’s one of the specially selected contractors who works on restoring historic homes and buildings. In Perez’s case, it’s their roofs. He has to match either the original roof or the last identifiable roof.  Whatever that house had, he has to do over the exact way.
    Perez is big on providing the personal touch to his customers. “I’m the face of the company,” he said. “When a person calls me for an estimate, I’m going to be the guy who goes out there. That’s what people like.”
    Because of this business model, Perez said, “Most of my customers, they end of being my friend.” If they need something, they call Paul. The payoff, for Perez, is the good reviews and referrals he gets on various social media outlets.
    He tells his customers, “I’m going to be your roofer for life.”
    When one considers Perez’s involvement with historical buildings, some of which are well over 100 years old, which could be a relationship that lasts a long time.
    Texas Family Roofing & Construction is in San Antonio. -dsz

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