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Dreaming on

image Valerie Talamantes and Eric Castillo

SAN ANTONIO - When Eric Castillo met Valerie Talamantes in 2015, it was a both a romantic and professional match. Castillo, who had owned a landscaping company in his pre-college years, was looking for another income stream, while Talamantes had an extensive background in marketing and advertising.




    Together, they created tree service company Dream Outdoor Services in 2017.
    Before the pair even secured their first job, Talamantes made sure that the business was properly advertised. Talamantes had already worked with too many entrepreneurs who had the tools but a depleted advertising budget.
    “In the beginning of starting a business, we ran a marketing campaign before I even had a chainsaw or a trailer or a truck,” Castillo says. “So when we got our first job, we had to rent a U-Haul truck and a chainsaw. Our first job, we ended up making 100 bucks and we drove up to LaVernia; everything was basically trial and error. Then, our back office was definitely moving way faster than our front office. I borrowed a friend’s truck and rented a trailer. We literally had no equipment but we had jobs at the beginning. We were testing out the marketing part of it and it took off. That’s what gave us the momentum to build. We just pushed on through loops and hurdles.”
    One year later, the couple staffs two employees. They also run a non-profit called “The Power of a Dream,” through which they have donated thousands of shoes to different San Antonio organizations. Castillo is also taking steps to broaden his knowledge in his field.
    “When we started the company, we got our license with the city of San Antonio,” Castillo says. “We continue to take educational classes through the city, getting educated on what we’re doing in our careers. I take the International Society of Arborculture certification test next year, so I have two more months to study. Once I get that, it puts me at a professional level; it just opens up the doors for more opportunities to continue to learn.”
    Tree service subcontractor Dream Outdoor Services is in San Antonio. –mjm

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