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It takes will power

image Will Power Solar owner William Cahill

SAN ANTONIO - It all started with a little solar kit, not the big boy kit, but the one you would buy for a 10-year-old. William Cahill has wanted to work in the solar industry since he was 10. Today he not only works in the industry, he owns his own business called Will Power Solar.





    Cahill launched his solar business in June 2017. The company is an installation and sales solar company for residential and commercial clients. They are based in San Antonio and service the State of Texas. Aside from the San Antonio market, Will Power Solar also services the surrounding areas of San Antonio. So far they’ve done work as far as El Paso, Brownsville and Houston. It was a slow start and with a blink of an eye the business has become something greater than Cahill could have imagined.
    “It is truly something that I have always been working towards for a very long time. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t enjoy what I am doing for a living,” said Cahill.
    While the company is still growing, Cahill has accomplished having in-house installers. Will Power Solar has eight installers with 15 employees. “We believe strongly in being able to be in control of how the installs play out, which ultimately leads to better customer service,” added Cahill.
    Cahill shared a story that his workers experience. Let’s just say you are never too old to hug. “One time we did a job and my guys stayed there pretty late finishing up the last little touches. The homeowner was so happy that he gave everyone a hug.” Yes, grown men give hugs!
    But the project that really kicked them into gear was at the end of 2017 when they did two Extra Space Storage commercial projects. One random Saturday, Cahill received a call from the developer who was in a bind and needed to get these two projects done in San Antonio. At that point the developer had already called the entire list of registered contractors with CPS. “It was ironic because we are Will Power Solar, so we are literally on the bottom of the list. The developer went through every single company on that list and on a Saturday I was the only one who returned the phone call, and we got those two contracts because of it.” Cahill had only been in business for six months, but what a great way to end the year.
    Cahill meant what he said about wanting to be involved with the solar industry since he was young. Part of his company name story started with Mission Solar when he worked for them for three years. During his time with them he would receive rotating days off. “I had these extra days to not only work a second job doing installations, but I also had that time to figure out what am I going to do to start my own company,” said Cahill. “Some of the guys that I worked with I joked around and said if I ever start a solar company I want to call it Will Power Solar. We all laughed about it. Then when the day came, I thought why not.”
     Will Power Solar is a sales and installation solar contractor for residential and commercial, located in San Antonio, TX. –lv

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