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Tres foundations

image L-R: Brian Holt and Richard Reed of Foundation Support Specialists

SAN ANTONIO - Foundation Support Specialists (FSS) is run by three men, each one lending his gifts and talents to the company.







    Brian Holt is the construction expert. “I grew up in the business,” he said.  He jokes (but not really) when he says, “I’m 42 years old and I’ve been around [construction] for 42 years.”
    In 2016, Brian saw an opportunity to get involved with a company called Earth Contact Products. Holt knew construction, but not the business side of running a business.
    Thus, he contacted his long-time friends, the brother team of Richard and Adam Reed. Adam provides the marketing expertise for FSS, while Richard handles the office, which includes the finance portion. “All three of us have our own unique talents,” Richard said, “and this is such an amazing thing we’ve got going on because we all do what we’re best at, and it’s working out for the benefit of everybody.”
    Holt agrees that each person in the company has their role to play. “We don’t micromanage” when it comes to division of labor.
    He goes on to say, “My father always taught me: Do what you’re good at and have other people do what you’re not good at. I’m not good at the finance side of it. But even if I was, I wouldn’t have time for it!”
    FSS is headquartered in San Antonio, but also has an Austin office. It handles foundation issues in central and south Texas, all the way down to the Corpus Christi coast. This keeps Holt hopping, as Texas is notorious for having soil and foundation issues.
    In fact, an expert on the United States’ geology once told Holt, while at a conference, that the very worst soil in America for building on was in Terrell Hills, San Antonio. The soil here is very expansive and can change greatly between being dry or wet.
    To complicate matters, Holt said that in the past, it wasn’t uncommon to have foundation “experts” who were less than scrupulous when it came to delivering the goods. 
    Today’s technology, however, has come a long way from merely forcing wet cement under a house in order to solve its foundation problem.
    By using special galvanized steel piers and piping, FSS can bore all the way down to the bedrock by using hydraulic pumps. “It doesn’t matter what the soil is doing anymore,” Holt said, “because the home is no longer sitting on the soil but on the bedrock level.”
    This allows FSS to actually solve the foundation problem, as opposed to the Band-Aid approach. “Now, I know when we go in there, we are truly fixing the problem,” Holt said. “And the people are actually spending their money and getting what they spent their money on.”
    And, fortunately, some builders are being more proactive in trying to avoid foundation problems by building the structure with this in mind.
    FSS’s products are all made in America, and can be custom engineered if a builder so requests it. Holt said the worst thing a person can do for their foundation problems is to use a concrete product, especially if it’s place on top of soil that is prone to shifting.
    “If we can’t do it right, then we won’t do it at all,” Holt said. This philosophy is the foundation of the foundation company. These three guys have pooled their talents together to give the consumer a firm foundation for their building.
    Foundation Support Specialists  does residential and commercial foundation repairs, based in San Antonio. -dsz

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