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Reconning the stone

image John Plant, founder and owner of Recon Stone.

SAN ANTONIO - The word “recon” conjures up a military image of soldiers on the prowl, searching out the enemy.







    Or, it can simply mean finding the best products for one’s customers. For John Plant, owner of Recon Stone, it means that he’s searching for the best stone products to sell to contractors.
    Plant’s objective is simple: “Our main goal is to have the largest inventory of natural stone in San Antonio.”
    Even though Recon Stone is not even six months old - “On June 1, we were just a building.” -  Plant is rocking and rolling with all kinds of stone products from around the world: limestone, travertine, marble, etc.
    The California native didn’t come out to Texas with the intent on starting a company, but for other work in the construction business, something he’s done his whole life. But, when opportunity came knocking in the form of business partners overseas who handle the quarry/shipment details, Plant answered.
    As a new businessman, Plant had to do a lot of catching up on all the rules, regulations and red tape that comes with it. “I did 4-H, so I can manage my money all right,” he said, but added he had to do “a lot of reading.”
    “This place is growing so fast,” Plant said. He wants to have “the best quality at the best price.” This means a contractor wouldn’t have to make a run to, say, Houston to get his materials; it can be gotten here locally.
    “For the most part, we try and fill your order the day you want it,” he said.
    If Recon Stone keeps growing, Plant foresees the possibility of opening up another location in Dallas. He feels that the San Antonio shop can handle anything up to Austin. He has his eye on Denver as well.
    Recon Stone gets most of its products from Turkey, Morocco and Yugoslavia. Plant wants to get out more to do the actual recon work for himself. As of now, his overseas partners do that. 
    Plant is on the prowl for the best stone materials he can find.
    Recon Stone is a masonry wholesaler in San Antonio. -dsz

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