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Dependable care

image John Thunert, owner of Above All Air

SAN ANTONIO - He may have stumbled into the air conditioning and heating trade by accident, but the tool belt fit just right.







    John Thunert is the owner of Above All Air in San Antonio. This year he will be completing his third year of business. The company does general AC and heating for commercial and residential customers. They install, maintenance and repair.
    Before he became an owner, Thunert was a helper and said he stumbled into the trade by accident. As he grew in the trade, he received all his certifications and training. “It took me 15 years to get my license because I didn’t want to take the test. I’m not a test taker,” he admits. Nonetheless, Thunert took the test and conquered it.
    All Above Air has seven employees, two of whom are technicians and they have three service trucks. Thunert has built a trustworthy team. “I built this company from of word of mouth and my reputation. We carry a five star review on Yelp, so the last thing I want to do is put a technician or an employee out there that is going to go and ruin what we’ve already built.”
    Thunert wants to keep his service area in San Antonio. He and his team just finished a real estate office and have been installing AC units in automotive shops.
    Another thing Thunert is proud of is the Above All Air logo that he helped create. Of course, the logo incorporates fire and ice. The top of the logo has flames and the bottom is half of a snowflake.
    Texas weather can be unpredictable, but so can life. One day on the local news station Thunert saw a homeowner who had lost his house in a fire and had no insurance. “At that time I contacted the news and let them know that I was willing to install a system and donate it all. It was two weeks before Christmas [when it happened] and it broke my heart. This was the little part that I could do to help.”
    In the future Thunert wants to keep growing, but not too fast.
    Above All Air is an HVAC subcontractor in San Antonio. –lv

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