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The leap

image L-R: Daniel and Steven Garcia, co-owner of Bluerock Construction Group

SAN ANTONIO - Brothers Daniel and Steven Garcia look to their grandparents as their inspiration to be entrepreneurs, opening their own construction company, Bluerock Construction Group, in 2015. “We are the third generation going into construction,” says Daniel. “It all started with our grandpa.”




    Struggling to make ends meet, the boys’ grandpa decided to venture out on his own while working for a concrete company in 1972 establishing FM Garcia Construction. Just ten short years later, the second generation of the Garcia family would venture out to do the same with Daniel and Steven’s father and their uncles who would start FARR Builders.
    Now with a desire to carry on what seems to be a family legacy, the two brothers are making a name for themselves in the private sector of construction. While their first big project was a multi-family project, the duo is dabbling into all segments of construction.
    “We got started doing a 10-unit apartment complex. That’s just how we got started. But we are doing a little bit of everything,” adds Steven. “We mainly focus on project management. we have some skilled laborers that do certain things like concrete. Our main thing is project managing.”
    While Daniel and Steven are 33 and 29 years of age respectively, the two are taking a modern approach to business by utilizing the world of social media. This seems to be working well for them as 98 percent of their calls from their social media sites.
    “If grandpa had not made that leap to start his own company, I don’t know what we would be doing now. We probably would not have our own business. It’s just funny how that one decision changed the whole course for generations and that’s something we cherish and we take pride in,” agree Daniel and Steven.
    Bluerock Construction Group is a general contractor in San Antonio. -cmw

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