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Plastics in construction

image L-R: Maria Escobar, Angel Martinez, Jacqueline Roberts and Mario Martinez

SAN ANTONIO - In 2010, Jacqueline Roberts became the new owner and president of Plastic Supply of San Antonio Inc. Coming from the food service industry, taking on plastic was a new adventure with lots of twists and turns.






    When Roberts came on board, one of the first things she realized was the former owner was operating “old school,” meaning all pin and paper with no computer. “Can you imagine running a business today with no computer, even eight years ago with no computer,” says Roberts? Of course she had to rectify that obstacle immediately. In addition, she had to find the right software program, and that too would prove to be challenging.
    Then she realized her production department only spoke Spanish. This too would be an obstacle to overcome. Fortunately, her longest tenured employee, Mario Martinez, would save the day. Martinez, who oversees production and has been with Plastic Supply prior to Roberts, knew the operation and products very well. But he too, spoke very little English. His son Angel Martinez would eventually come on board and broke the language barrier. Angel and his wife, Maria Escobar, would become partners as vice president and secretary, respectively.  With the four working together, the company has become a vital source for the construction industry.
    “Framers are one of our big customers for specialty work such as shadow boxes and display cabinets. Glass breaks, acrylic does not. More and more contractors are coming in with custom designs that we are able to produce for them locally. They no longer need to reach out of the San Antonio market and we have a quick turn around time. We can fabricate any type of design from cellphone lockers, bases and risers, holders and shelves, sneeze guards for restaurants, furniture, marine windshields to drawer organizers, laminations, cutting boards to restoration work.
    Plastic Supply of San Antonio Inc. is a fabricator and supplier of wide range plastic products. -cmw

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