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Not your typical CPA

image Steven Bankler and team.

SAN ANTONIO - Growing up, Steven Bankler’s family owned a few local retail stores in San Antonio that his grandfather started. He always assumed he would be a part of the family business. But, when Bankler was ready to start working, his family was not ready to hire him.





    With the market crash in the early ‘70s, Bankler changed his planned career course to merge two passions, entrepreneurship and taxes. Encouraged by his father, he went back to school to complete his accounting credits. And at the advice of several attorneys and professionals, he started his own practice.
    In 1977, he established Steven Bankler CPA. Since he didn’t enter the profession through an internship with a “Big Four” accounting firm like other CPAs often do, he had to learn the ins and outs on his own. “It turned out to be a blessing. I did learn, and found I don’t fit the mold of a “typical” accountant. My accounting and management skills are self-taught and less constrained to textbook thinking. It’s allowed me to reverse-engineer tax returns to truly solve problems for my clients and uncover savings to put money back in their pocket.” Having grown up in a family business, we worked with outside accountants. I came to realize, they are a necessary evil and I’ve tried to figure out a way to make us (accountants) necessary, but not necessarily evil,” says Bankler.
    About 20 percent of Bankler’s clients are in the construction industry and he predicts this will continue to grow. “Accounting for construction is a little more complicated than other businesses because they have projects that can last for a year or longer, so we can utilize different methods of accounting that other businesses can’t.“
    Steven Bankler CPA Ltd. is unique in that only seasoned, knowledgeable, experienced CPAs manage your business, not bookkeepers, CPAs-in-training or studious interns. His team is able to provide timely, relevant business consulting in a variety of areas ranging from asset protection to exit strategies.
    Steven Bankler CPA Ltd. Is a niche
accounting firm. -cmw

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