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A tale of two cities

image Jim Parker, owner and president of Parker & Sons Plumbing.

SAN ANTONIO - Jim Parker, owner of Parker & Sons Plumbing,LLC originally hailed from the Dallas Metroplex area. He went to college in Irving. He even rooted for the Mavericks at one time.






    But now, it’s, “Go, Spurs, go!” all the way.
    “I love the people here,” he said.
    Parker worked for AAA Auger Plumbing Services in Dallas, beginning his career in the plumbing trade. He was the go-to guy in the office to whom people came when they needed something or something done.
    AAA moved Parker and his family to San Antonio to help run their shop down here.
    Parker always knew he wanted to run his own business someday, and he enjoyed his time with AAA. But after 10 years with them, he branched out on his own and formed his own plumbing company in 2011. The “Sons” part of the company’s name is for Parker’s two boys, now 10 and 14.
    Parker & Sons has 10 employees, and is looking to grow, but at a reasonable rate. Parker said he “definitely wants to grow, but we want to grow smarter.”
    A big difference between Dallas and San Antonio is Dallas’ water is much softer, while San Antonio’s is hard, meaning water softeners are a must down here. San Antonio also has much higher water pressure; it’s not uncommon to be at a full 100 percent PSI here.
    Parker & Sons’ office is located near the Dominion, where a lot of Spurs players live. One day Parker’s crew was getting gas and so was Manu Ginobili, who took time to pose for pictures with the guys. “He’s so nice,” said Parker. That left a lasting impression on Parker (Jim of the plumbing company, not Tony of the Spurs, just to be clear), further solidifying that San Antonio is now home for the Dallas transplant.
    With the Alamo City growing as it is, there will never be a shortage of homes and businesses for Parker & Sons to install water softeners at.
    During the basketball season, when the Mavericks come down here to play, there aren’t any conflicting emotions at all.
    Mark Cuban who?
    Subcontractor Parker & Sons Plumbing is locatedin the San Antonio area. -dsz

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