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“Randy style”

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SAN ANTONIO - Anthony Heye, owner of Anthony’s Planet Pickup, and the late Randy Wyatt, Aggregate Haulers Inc. had been friends since high school, running together, street racing and doing all the things that teenage boys do. That friendship did not stop after graduation. It continued on through the years and was instrumental in getting Planet Pickup orbiting in San Antonio.


    “The roof of this building is like a bridge structure. It’s all reinforced concrete. When I moved in here, I told Wyatt that I was going to find an old truck, jack it up to the sky and put it on the roof. Randy never forgot that and a few years later, he called me up and told me to come get Big Red. You can have Big Red.”
    Big Red, as it is affectionately known, is an F-250 that Wyatt had customized to the hilt. Back in the day, many of you may recall it was wrapped to look like the American Flag on wheels and was any good ol’ country boy’s dream.
    “When we were still on San Pedro Ave., Randy brought Big Red to me and said, ‘I want to make this the biggest, baddest truck you ever built. I want it to be sky high with the works! We worked for several months on Big Red because, at the time, there were no bolt-on lift kits for that design. We had to figure out all the springs and such.”
    Starting out with just a leveling kit and 35 in. tires, it wasn’t long before the “Randy-style” kicked in and was raised six inches with bigger tires, all performed by Planet Pickup.
    Big Red was as much a part of Randy, as Randy was of it. He was easily recognized and found by his truck. Five kids, several grandkids and a great grandchild grew up piling into that old truck. It was a get-away vehicle for his best friend’s daughter’s wedding. And when Randy threw parties down in Port Aransas, he would drive Big Red out to the second sandbar. Now how many people do you know that do that? “It was an attention getter,” recalls Heye.
    “We worked on Big Red off and on for about six years during down times after Randy gave me the truck. He gave the motor from the truck to an employee to put in a jet boat. The old American Flag wrap had begun withering away, so we stripped it down to the original paint and re-painted it.
    “Last year, James Heye and Antz Mackechney  said, ‘this year we’re gonna get this thing up on the roof,’ but before we could do it, Randy was gone.”
    On Aug. 15, 2017, at the age of 62, Wyatt passed away. “He was a big man, with a big heart. He gave to his friends and customers with an open heart and he lived life to the fullest.”
     As the anniversary of Wyatt’s death approached, preparations were underway to get Big Red on the roof of Planet Pickup.
    On Jul. 28 as a memorial to the man whose friendship, business and style was instrumental in rocketing Planet Pickup’s success, Big Red was in place. It was hoisted by AmeriCRANE Rentals LP and securely mounted on the roof of Planet Pickup using two half-inch steel plates that had been mounted directly to the roof for both pairs of tires (front and back). To ensure Big Red stayed intact, collars made of 4x4 square tubing were welded to the axles.
    Two days later, the City of San Antonio would show up to see what was going on and gave the notorious Randy Wyatt “thumbs-up.”
    “I know Randy is looking down from heaven smiling and giving his own thumbs up.” Here’s to you Randy, “The road goes on forever, and the party never ends.”
    Anthony’s Planet Pickup sells and installs a variety of truck accessories. -cmw

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