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It goes hand in hand

image Lee Ramos, co-owner of Maximum Demolition, stops by Construction News for a photo.

SAN ANTONIO - A love for demolition and recycling was the reason behind Maximum Demolition. “It goes hand-in-hand,” says co-owner Lee Ramos.







    Ramos had been in the recycling business for years. His brother, Arthur Ramos, was in the demolition business each doing their own thing until one day they decided to put their minds together and create a family business they could both enjoy. In 2017, they made it official. 
    “Arthur is the brain of the operation.  He has the knowledge. He makes the company go ‘round. He knows all the tricks of the trade from electrical to plumbing, you name it, and he knows it. He’s the lead man on jobsites, he’s being doing this for roughly 40 years,” Ramos affectionately says of his brother and co-owner. “I’m the paper and numbers guy and the people person of the operation.”
    Before the Ramos brothers made their business official, they would receive phone calls here and there. Arthur would demolish whatever was asked of them and Lee would recycle it. When the two saw the growth in San Antonio, they decided it was time to do it right. They acquired all the necessary insurances and bonding required by the city and is moving full steam ahead.
    The first year of operation has been very good for the company according to Ramos. “A lot of work has come from word of mouth and it has been snowballing and getting bigger and bigger. When we first started, it was my brother, two employees and myself.  Now we are up to 12 employees.  We are very blessed to have a good core of employees that actually know the business. The guys that work for us all have a specialty trade – one knows plumbing, one knows drywall, painting, etc. so when it comes to a job, we know who to put in the lead for that job. And, we also have the privilege of having employees who come and go as we have the work. They jump on board to help us out, because some want to work part time. It’s a win-win situation.
    “We are a unique company. We don’t just demolish buildings. We will soon be demolishing some airplanes. And we don’t just demolish, we dismantle. We will take apart any kind of odd thing people ask of us to undo of a machine to move it from one spot to another through a regular sized door. We could not alter the doorway in any form or fashion, so we had no choice but to dismantle the machine piece by piece and rebuild it in it’s new location.
    Demolishing, recycling, dismantling, we will do anything under the sun. If somebody asks, “Do you do this?” we try not to say no.  We will find a source to do whatever.
    When asked what’s been their most exciting job to-date, Ramos reflects on an interior demo job they did at the Quarry. “We had to gut out this old yogurt shop but we had to do it silently because of the neighboring businesses.  One was a spa above the yogurt shop, which we were not aware of, so we had to do the work at night. It was a lot fun because you did not have the everyday distractions and interruptions.”
    Although the company will go where they are needed, they primarily service a 150-mile radius of San Antonio. Their primary goal, like many new companies, is to grow. “We want to grow and expand.  We want to get bigger to do more and operate more freely. We want to see the City of San Antonio grow and grow with us.”
    Maximum Demolition is a full-service demolition company in San Antonio. –cmw

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