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Three take the reins

image MAREK San Antonio’s new leadership team L-R: Mark Williams, David Cupit and John Bailey.

SAN ANTONIO - MAREK in San Antonio has a new leadership team that will be assuming the role previously by Dennis Yanowski. MAREK recently announced that David Cupit will serve as the new division president, along with new division directors, Mark Williams and John Bailey.





    Cupit, formerly San Antonio’s estimating-project executive, has been in the construction industry for 39 years, beginning at the age of 17 when he was hired as a laborer through a dual credit program in high school. By the age of 21, he was a foreman working his way up as a project manager. He joined the MAREK family in 2005 as a senior project manager/estimator. “Dennis and I have worked side by side for 13 years. We share a common work ethic and strive to create new opportunities for the employees at MAREK. I am honored to serve as the division president of San Antonio,” states Cupit. “Mark Williams, John Bailey and I make a good team; each of us bring a different skill set and strength to the table.”
    Mark Williams, who will continue to head up the acoustical and specialties department, started in 1982 at the Clines Landing project. After earning an associate’s degree in Occupational Safety and Health, he rejoined MAREK in 1987 as personnel/safety director. In the mid-90s, he transitioned into estimating/project management, and in 2008 became acoustical division manager. With his experience his new title as division director will oversee administrative operations financial reporting and customer relations.
    John Bailey, who will also serve as division director, will help leverage field operations and customer relations with his years of experience in project management and production.
    “Our goal is to capitalize in this exciting and expanding market here in San Antonio. We will continue to address ongoing challenges related to manpower shortages by focusing on our growing labor force by committing resources to craft training, safety and valuing every member of the San Antonio MAREK family.”
    Dennis Yanowski is excited for the new leaders and for the company, as this leadership team collectively represents more than 90 years of experience in our trade. Passing the title over has given Yanowski the opportunity to take over a new role in which he will spearhead MAREK’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) initiative. The initiative will focus on sustaining and generating new relationships throughout the company.
    MAREK is a specialty contractor in San Antonio, headquartered in Houston, TX.-cmw

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