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One for all

image The Alamo1 team at a Lackland AFB groundbreaking.

SAN ANTONIO - Summer is their busiest time of the year. Alamo1 is a San Antonio-based environmental contracting firm with about 350 employees, all dedicated to their specific lines of work. With numerous divisions, Alamo1 still maintains a focus on safety.




    For instance, Director of EHS Services Scott Harris, PhD says they spend a “great deal of time and effort” on safety.
    The remediation division handles work in refineries and other high hazard processes. Workers go through a lot of training in order to keep on top of their game. “We are in good standing in ISNetworld,” added Harris. 
    He then mentions the safety that follows through the transportation side is an “equal level of effort.”
    The Alamo1 transportation division involves heavy haul trucking. They have a large amount of vehicles on the road that range from Harris’s pickup truck to a 17-axel heavy haul trailer “that can move million-pound transformers.”
    Yet, with all the technologic advancements across all industries, Alamo1 has a division head for each division to focus on the advancements for that particular field.
    “Everything from the equipment being used – to paying rates – being competitive, at the end of the day we are all trying to provide a good client outcome. We all want happy clients. We are constantly on the lookout for whatever it is going to take to make that happen,” said Harris.
    Alamo1 is still privately held, owned and operated as a family business. President and CEO Alex Salas keeps an open door policy that remains today. Harris assures that anyone in the company can feel confident to walk up to and talk to Salas about anything. “The doors are always open, it’s very relaxed and very friendly to all the managers and staff,” Harris said.
    Environmental, residential water pick-up, demolition, construction and heavy-haul contractors are in demand, but Alamo1 looks to expand any given division at a “conservative and intelligent” pace.
    Alamo1 is an environmental contractor based in San Antonio and located in Houston, TX. –lv

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